The Pixel Press: Forza Horizon hands-on

The Pixel Press writes: "The Forza Motorsport series has been in a neck-and-neck race with Polyphony Digital’s Gran Turismo in recent years, but this year at the Eurogamer Expo 2012 in London, it came up short against its PlayStation rival.

Forza Horizon, developed by British studio Playground Games, faced up to tough competition from Gran Turismo 5: Academy Edition and GRID 2, and just about scraped a podium position, but only by default. The majority of games in the Xbox booth had winding, snaking queues. Aside from Fable: The Journey, Forza was the only game whose booth was completely empty when we turned up. With three releases this gen so far, has the Forza series outstayed its welcome with fans? Does Horizon manage to freshen things up?"

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jimbobwahey2122d ago

I think that people are just being smart and waiting for Forza 5 rather than wasting time with something that's relying on the Forza brand name to sell a lesser product.

Well, that and I imagine word of mouth spreading from people that have played it saying that it's nowhere near as good as the other Forza games probably isn't helping. I imagine the game would fair much better if they hadn't tried to snag the Forza diehards really. They should have used the Project Gotham Racing license instead.