2008: The Year of the PlayStation 3

This is an opinion of, specifically Jonas Allen, who writes:

There's an old saying in politics that "history is written by the winners." In recent console wars, from "Dreamcast vs. PlayStation" to "Xbox vs. PlayStation 2," Sony got cramps in its hands from writing so much. Whether by failed marketing or poor leadership, Sega couldn't overcome the Sony hurdle, and the original Xbox was picking up steam just as Microsoft unveiled the Xbox 360, relegating the Xbox once again to being little more than a Halo adapter for your TV.

With the most-recent console war now in full swing (Xbox 360 vs. PlayStation 3 vs. Wii), it's tempting to think Sony is finally going to be the company written about by someone else (Microsoft and Nintendo). [] is not making that bet. [] has taken a long look at the console landscape, and it's clear that this is the year the PS3 takes the reins.

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Anything but Cute3727d ago

more people adapting to HDTV's. PS3's strong lineup of games this year and prices of next gen consoles going down.

Their brand recognition is making a difference in Pal territories and Japan.

I'm starting to see a lot of the parts fall into place.

nicholascage243727d ago

but no fanboyism this time

keep that in mind

Kain813727d ago

I hope PS-home will released soon.
i cant wait for that, i will collect some Trophies hehee


It was people perception they were losing , in my mind 07 rock for me 10 games , what more can you ask for in one year.. they want sony to sell 40 million in one year, how is that even humanly possible. we know what the hardware is all about , be patience and you will see results...

3727d ago
deeznuts3727d ago

Uh yeah like MS didn't time on their Xbox Live service? Xbox Live apparently is the standard, which MS set. So you are suggesting Sony match that standard, without wasting their time on it. What planet does this logic derive from?

Oh btw, Sony outsold MS last year, with MS's heavy hitters. Maybe you should dispense advice to MS instead.

mighty_douche3727d ago (Edited 3727d ago )

Every year from now on is the year of the PS3.

Hell, it outsold the 360 last year! The so called year of the 360.

captainjy3727d ago

Before you keep shooting off your mouth about beating the 360 last year, prove it. Give us hard numbers and not BLOG numbers.

mighty_douche3727d ago (Edited 3727d ago )

VGCharts, the same charts the xbox fanboys used time and time again, but oh, whats this, as soon as the PS3 is top its not reliable.... i take it you missed the like 200 comment thread..

oh and the disagree hurt my feelings... : (

captainjy3727d ago

It's VGChartz and it's crap. Other Xbox fanboys can use them all they want, this one doesn't for the 360 or the PSFree. Even this so-called article, a blog or opinion says that Phony is #3, still.

mighty_douche3727d ago (Edited 3727d ago )

so where do you get your figures?

Because from where im sitting it sounds like its your ass...

Whats wrong, mummy wont buy you a PS3... ahhhh Christmas will be here before you know it.

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DarkSniper3727d ago

It's blatantly obvious that Sony has placed themselves in the prime position for PLAYSTATION® 3 to overthrow XBox 360. Microsoft has made countless amount of mistakes from the moment the console was launched. Fortunately for Sony Snipers, their mistakes have come back to haunt them.

No longer is the consumer uninformed. Consumer awareness for PLAYSTATION® 3's superiority has increased tenfold. Expect Dumpster Juice 360 to officially bow out of the console wars in 2009.


captainjy3727d ago (Edited 3727d ago )

Countless mistakes and the 360 is still beating the PSFree down. Speaking of mistakes, let's talk about them:

Phony is delayed because of Blu-ray
Phony releases at $599
Phony has no AAA titles
PSN is NOT Live, but hey, you have home and can go Trophy hunting! WhooHooo!!!
GTA no longer a one console exclusive
Many titles delayed because of dev problems on that movie machine

I could go on, but that's enough to blacken any console.

mighty_douche3727d ago (Edited 3727d ago )

"GTA no longer a one console exclusive "

no just the next rockstar games, you know new IP's, thats something a 360 fanboy might not be aware of.

roybatty3727d ago

You are a child. A typical 360 fangirl right to the bone.
'Phony' aaawwwww! Isn't that mature!? Did she think of that one herself?
Oh, and shove your gaming media definition 'AAA' (means nothing) up your dirt pipe.


captainjy3727d ago

The next R* games like...???? Yeah, so good that everyone is talking about them. I'll hold you to your name.

heyheyhey3726d ago


LA Noire and Red Dead Revolver 2 are R* PS3 exclusives

and believe me- plenty of people are talking about them (gamers that is, not crying fanboys like you)

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Silellak3727d ago

So, the PS3 is going to do well in 2008?

Wow, this is a completely original thought, and certainly hasn't been stated over and over by anyone who has been paying attention to the gaming world for the past year.

whengeeksgobad3727d ago

I've said it before, but just as a recap since the articles are just as repetetive.

what n4g has become:

1)2008 will be sony's year
3)HD-DVD Still kicking
4)Game X no longer exclusive!
5)Game X still exclusive after all!
6)Is the WII bubble about to bust?
7)Developer X claims ps3 power completely untapped!
9)Microsoft = teh Dumb?
10) silver/black/pink/red/blue console X headed to US??
11)GERSTMAN-GATE and other crap about gamestop that no one cares about.
12) 2008 is MS's year!

At least I'm getting paid to basically surf - otherwise it may be a complete loss.

Silellak3727d ago

But this one has a shocking twist -

Did you know the PS1 and PS2 were both incredibly successful but the success of the PS3 has been in doubt and 2008/2009 will determine its fate?!

The author of this article is clearly conscious AND able to state the completely obvious!

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