4 Ways That Capcom Can Fix Their DLC (and Their Reputation) "Capcom is coming off possibly one of their most controversial releases: Street Fighter x Tekken. Its on-disc DLC was so unpopular that the company was reported to the Better Business Bureau. In a few days, Capcom is going to release their biggest title of the year, Resident Evil 6, and many gamers are already disparaging the game for no other reason than it's made by Capcom. Here are 4 ways Capcom can do to try to win back gamers and show they really aren’t the assholes they've been made out to be."

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Knight_Crawler2122d ago (Edited 2122d ago )

1. Cancel RE6 and start over from where RE3 left off.
2. Kill the new Dante and bring back the old one.
3. Give Mega Man to Platinum Games or Nintendo
4. Street fighter vs Mortal Kombat no DLC

armycore2122d ago

"3. Give Mega Man to Platinum Games or Nintendo."

Now this I like the most, mainly if it's Platinum Games."

-Mika-2122d ago (Edited 2122d ago )

1: Get over it. The series changed for the better
2: Again get over it. The new Dante looks cool.
3: lol no. Both of those developers are so overrated. Nintendo would make the game so easy to beat and platinum just isn't good anymore. Look at anarchy reigns.
4: No! I rather have mvc4 with dedicated DLC support. It extends the life of the game. That what alot of you guys need to understand.

Carl_Shocker2122d ago

1) Why should we get over it...I'd rather they go back and continue it after RE4 since I thought it was amazing still but still they ruined the franchise and screwed over the fanbase that got the franchise where it is today, thats not something you can "Get over".

Hell your the guy who wanted co-op in a Resident Evil 2 remake....I mean WTF

2) No he dosen't...theres so many loose ends in the old DMC that wern't resolved, the new Dante is a douche bag who keeps swearing and flipping people off to try and act cool...The new game looks nothing like what you would expect to see in a DMC game, it's an embarrassment

3) Erm...well it's better off there then where it is today. Capcom don't seem care about it all of it's already loyal fanbase to it's franchises.

4)Why not SF vs MK sounds with no DLC...that sounds like something I could get on board with.

Mika why do you feel to always defend the loosing side. You would rather defend the crap out of anything which is hated it because you feel like you have something to fight for and fighting for the loosing side is more of a challenge. Capcom are money grabbing arseholes which don't deserve to be defended, they've ruined their franchise and rip people off and for they can be like Activison and COD.

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SonyNGP2122d ago

Easier than Jump 'n Shoot man on the iPad? I don't think so.

vortis2122d ago (Edited 2122d ago )

" I rather have mvc4 with dedicated DLC support. It extends the life of the game. That what alot of you guys need to understand."

I almost died reading...this...just...I...*g oes to play something from the Golden Era to calm down*.

All right, first up: if your game is good from the get-go you won't need DLC. AT ALL. I played RE4 to death because that game is so freaking fun and it beats any game in this day and age with all the overt DLC rip-offs. Also, Saints Row 2 has way, way, way more replayability than Saints Row 3. I feel dirty for all the DLC I bought for SR3 only to realize that the game just isn't anywhere near as fun as SR2 (plus they removed like half the content from SR3 so you paid more and got LESS of a game. DLC was a scam).

MK Vs SF with no DLC sounds like a dream fighting game come true. I say make it happen as opposed to rehashing some other piss-poor concept just to milk casuals and anti-gaming pro-corporatists like some of the people who troll N4G for the "lulz".

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Godmars2902122d ago

Return Megaman to his 2D roots. Capcom should have reissued the Zero and XZ series on PSN/XBL.

Kratoscar20082122d ago

1. Yes please.
2. Not too trilled with this idea i want to play DMC Dante is the same for me.
3. Not fan of Megaman
4. Awesome idea.

I hope RE6 doesnt sell better than RE5, that will show Cashcom that RE5 just sold better because we espected a RE4 like game not because it was good.

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Carl_Shocker2122d ago (Edited 2122d ago )

For RE I would just like them to reboot it again and tell the story from the start BUT change things around in the first game which would alter future games.

For example

What if in the end the mansion dosen't blow up, Zombies would wander into Raccoon City and the outbreak would happen sooner, Chris, Barry, Rebbeca would still be in the City as it gets quarantined, Leon would arrive when the city is blocked off, could meet Claire would wants to go in to find her brother and wants Leons help, Ada would tag along because she wants to find her "boyfriend" John...however Claire gets lost and Leon bumps into Jill with Ada, one game has Chris and Barry then later Claire who is with Sherry and Carlos at the end the other has Leon and Jill with Ada and there the last ones to escape this time who are saved by a non zombiefied could make two to three totaly differn't games out of that.

PopRocks3592122d ago

Was Resident Evil 4 really so bad? I mean at least Shinji Mikami made the choice to change the control style. And as far as action horror goes, it was pretty fun in my opinion.

Carl_Shocker2122d ago (Edited 2122d ago ), I never said it was bad. I thought it was an amazing RE game, I just rather they reboot it so ...

1) We still have our favorite characters around


2) They can start from scratch and bring that horror element back

Haki11122122d ago (Edited 2122d ago )

Haven't bought a Capcom game since they canceled Megaman Legends 3 and universe so until those games are released here is a big F*ck you Capcom.

Skateboard2122d ago

1. Copy Legends who carried your asses for years, not hard, really not hard, stop failing my god!!!

2. Make a voting system on Capcom Unity, the fans get to pick your projects by voting.

3. Get on your hands and knees, kiss Shinjis ass to make one more game for your asses, hint hint the best Capcom game ever made....................GOD HAND 2!!!!!

4. GO BACK TO SPRITES IN YOUR FIGHTING GAMES !!! you made it first and famous, you never going back to it ? Fail more!!!

5. Don't make every extra in the game DLC.

TXIDarkAvenger2122d ago

Make Megaman Legends 3 happen!

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