The Nintendo You Say You Want Isn’t the Nintendo You Love

GenGAME writes: "Nintendo has always been about taking the everyday, the outdated, the old-school, and using it to do extraordinary things. It’s not the technology that they use that’s important – it’s the value they are able to offer with that technology that no one else has that matters. And in the end, I don’t think anyone in the industry does gaming – whether it’s touch screen gaming, motion control gaming, or even traditional gaming – quite like Nintendo."

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DivineAssault 2063d ago (Edited 2063d ago )

online & software is critical to the wii u's success outside of its fanbase

Lucretia2062d ago


if its another wii then there will be some backlash.

heres to hoping

Unlimax2062d ago

"The Nintendo You Say You Want Isn’t the Nintendo You Love"

That what i always think about Nintendo when they Release the Wii platform !

stragomccloud2062d ago

A great read. It's true that Nintendo doesn't really need the most cutting edge of cutting edge. Nintendo is a software developer, and a hardware producer, unlike it's competition, the same people who are developers are also the same people who run the company. So, if any company knows about how to make a product, it's Nintendo. I know a lot of people, especially those who hated on the Wii will disagree with me, but I think Nintendo was responsible for some of the best experiences this generation, for those who dared to try without pre-hating the system.

Nintendo, however, does need a leap in online infrastructure, however. So far it seems like they're on the ball, though. I'm cautiously optimistic on that front.

Pillsbury12062d ago

Nintendo has always been about the game experience. I remember my fond memories of super mario bros, legend of Zelda, and metroid. Nintendo believes in quality games first and I do hope Nintendo does bring a great online experience to sweeten the deal.

Ps. please Nintendo bring back Mario paint.

-Mika-2062d ago

This is the problem with you nintendo fans. You let the nostalgia blind you. Their games aren't that good anymore.

stragomccloud2062d ago

If that's true, why does Nintendo garner so many new fans as well? If your statement was true, then Nintendo games should be rapidly losing popularity since the mid 1990s.

Pillsbury12062d ago

@mika you're kidding me right? We as gamers all carry around nostalgia and find memories of our favorite games. If you're not in this to enjoy games find a new hobby.

linkratos2062d ago

I have fond memories of Mario Galaxy, Skyward Sword, Metroid Prime, Wind Waker, Brawl, F-Zero GX, and Donkey Kong Returns.

There is that better?

SonyNGP2062d ago

Says the person with the FF XIII avatar.

AWBrawler2062d ago

Lol then do tell me Mika, what is good? Because the last 3 Nintendo games I played where Kid Icarus Uprising, skyward sword, and donkey kong country returns, and I'm fairly certain those were good and I doubt nostalgia had anything to do with my love for the new kid Icarus, which is almost a whole new franchise

ShaunCameron2062d ago (Edited 2062d ago )

Um. No more than you being blinded by shiny 1080p cinematic graphics to mask otherwise dull gameplay ideas.

<Their games aren't that good anymore.>

That's just you. I'm looking forward to whatever new ideas they're trying to implement for their legendary IP's.

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Allsystemgamer2062d ago

Nintendos exclusive games make up for the lack of hardware power.

It's funny how people always say graphics don't matter then all o the sudden bash Nintendo for a weak console.

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