150° Goes Live on the N4G Network

Our first new site since N4G is now live. GameNews24 is an automatic news aggregator that pulls headlines from hundreds of game sites around the world, giving you up to minute news updates from many different countries.

The site originally started as a tool designed for N4G contributors to find interesting stories to post on N4G, but we later decided to make it into a full website. GameNews24 has two satellite sites, GameBiz24 and GameDev24 specializing in game industry and game development news.

We decided to go for a simple but effective design, which we feel works very well for this site (and yes we got the layout idea from NewsNow).

We are still adding new countries and some languages do not have that much news yet, but we will improve this over the next few weeks. We hope you like it, and if everything goes as planed we will launch another new site before the end of the month.

Click here to visit GameNews24

Update: For those of you who are worried this site will compete with N4G I can assure it won't. An automatic site like GameNews24 can never compete with a interactive and user driven site. It is designed to give a completely different user experience. It is also connected with N4G so that you can easily submit a news story if you want to discuss it with other N4G members.


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BigKev453727d ago

Not too impressive, this site is much better designed.

King20083727d ago

Seems like a great website....i just doubt i'll visit it as much as this one but when i read everything here it is a place i'll check out every now and then.

Dusty3727d ago

This site is not designed to compete with N4G, it designed to be used in a different way, and for our members to more easily find good stories to post on N4G.

Relcom3727d ago

Fair enough. I appreciate it ;)

MaximusPrime3727d ago

will this destroy N4G?

I hope not.

Great site btw. good site for travelling. You know using WiFi hotspot or Mobile WAP.

Captain Tuttle3727d ago (Edited 3727d ago )

Good work guys and good luck.

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The story is too old to be commented.