Daily Reaction: Should Sony Offer a Rewards Program? (again)

Coming from a suggestion by PSLS superfan, Chandler Wood, Daily Reaction discusses the effect of having a rewards program, and what Sony could learn from the one Microsoft recently announced. Will Sony regret not continuing the program they once started, or will Microsoft close theirs out just like Sony did?

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ftwrthtx2119d ago

I really wish they would bring it back. I'd be Legendary by now.

doctorstrange2119d ago

They just want you to wait for it

dbjj120882118d ago

I kind of think the XBL rewards program is a half-assed excuse to make gamers feel like their time and energy in gamerscore is valued.... but 2% (at most) back is NOTHING.

betrayed gamer2118d ago

true but that 2% can be added to other deals they have like when they have a month were you get 5% all honesty there could be no rewards program on xbl. as for psn they should do something not to sure what though.

insertcoin2118d ago

It's better than nothing, but I understand how you feel.

DivineAssault 2118d ago

XBL rewards program is a joke.. Sonys PS Plus is much better & i cant wait til it hits vita too.. i just cashed in my reward zone points & got my 32GB card fired up & ready to be filled

Soldierone2118d ago

I wish they brought it back. It was actually making me do things. I think it makes trophies worth while, but it also rewarded simply playing and buying games as well, so i was buying games like mad to raise my score.

I think it was too easy though. I don't think even the most hardcore gamers should be able to earn legendary so fast.....It should be pushed to the very last month or two where people are FINALLY earning Legendary.

Gridloc2118d ago

Why do they need a half-assed reward program like MS just announced? PS PLUS gives gamers the best value on any console. 10% off on day 1 purchases blows MS's 2% away unless math isn't your strong suit.

betrayed gamer2118d ago

thing is the reward program isnt just that. its combined with a program that gives you points for playing games renewing your subscription, watching movies buying add-ons and doing monthly surveys. hell one month i got 1200 ms points. most of that was thanks to a glitch in the system though.