160GB Sony PS3 may get 45nm Cell processor (By Jonathan Schlaffer)

"A while back [it was] mentioned that Sony was working on a PS3 with either a 120GB or 160GB hard drive. While this isn't proof, it does seem that a PS3 "revision" of some sort is indeed in the works. It would make sense to release one with a larger hard drive and a few other tweaks but that's mere speculation at this point."

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ruibing3756d ago

Cooler running system means less need for cooling and ventilation, so maybe we will get a lighter and slightly smaller PS3.

Kain813756d ago

to produce, and we will see a Slim PS3 and a Hard Price cut too^^

AllroundGamer3756d ago

wow it only needs a new Slim redesign and i will buy my second PS3 :)

meepmoopmeep3756d ago

for the future owners, that's for sure.

Tarmgar3756d ago

Phat and lite PSP, phat and lite PS2, there will indeed, be a phat and lite PS3.

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The story is too old to be commented.