Borderlands 2 Golden Key Code - Act Now

To all the fortune hunters out there still searching for the best loot available in Borderlands 2, Gearbox has just released a code on twitter to receive a golden key to access the exclusive chest found in Sanctuary. Just sign in through Shift on your Borderlands 2 game, and enter the code.

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Foolsjoker1942d ago

Awesome, up to 4 keys now!

Carl_Shocker1942d ago

It's so annoying...I keep missing these

"Sorry but the code you have entered has expired"

It's always when us in the UK are in bed...shouldn't they just update the news page on Shift to tell us when were playing.

Hellsvacancy1942d ago

I tried, said the same thing

This article is pointless now

RXL1941d ago

s'why i don't sleep yo...

never know when you might miss sometasdhasdnadsjasdfjbhjofv

memots1941d ago

You got a shit bucket?

RXL1940d ago

i have a shit *corner..

CrimsonessCross1941d ago

You're not the only one...this is getting so effing ridiculous.

banjadude1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

I've given up after 3 (different time of day) attempts now. I'm stick of having to wait by Twitter, so I just gave up entirely.

I'm just going to feint (or is it.. faint?) ignorance to this whole shift code BS (extra emphasis on BS).

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dazzrazz1942d ago

People writing articles about redemption codes which are active between 30 and 120 minutes... lol

xerokai1942d ago

How are you supposed to get these things if you are not on twitter or facebook? I always see them here but they are already done by the time I try to redeem them.....

Darkspade1941d ago

I thought the Golden Key would be Found through out the world.. I'm not Likely the code deal...

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The story is too old to be commented.