Dragon Age meets Mass Effect in this fan-made 'Dragon Effect' wallpaper

DSOGaming writes: "Have you ever wondered what Mass Effect’s characters would look like with Dragon Age’s assets (clothes and armors)? Well, time to find out. DeviantArt’s member ‘AndrewRyanArt’ has released a WIP shot from his upcoming wallpaper, that blends together Mass Effect with Dragon Age."

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Vladplaya2093d ago

I demand remake of the ending to that fan art! It sucks! I want free DLC with a better one!

GrahamGolden2093d ago

try doing something NEAR as this then open that trash again...until then kindly stfu

P.S leon garcia

Minsec68202093d ago

Obvious joke is obvious....

rpd1232093d ago Show
FrightfulActions2093d ago

Pretty sure he was calling the ending of the game bad, not the picture. He was saying they should remake the ending using this fanart. It was a compliment to the artist, not an insult.

blind-reaper2093d ago

Mass Age would have been a better title.

Baka-akaB2093d ago

The funny part is how this is so much better than the awful dlc cross over armors inspired by mass effect they released for Dragon Age 1&2

SolidGear32093d ago

LOL! What about the Dead Space armor in Dragon Age II? Sir Isaac of Clark ;)

No Way2093d ago

Hafta say.. Thane and the left Krogan look badass.