Bogus PlayStation All-Stars Roster Size Total Rumor Is False

The latest Rumor and Tweet from a PlayStation Blog writter is FALSE about the on-disc roster size for PlayStation All-Stars. Numerous facts and information says the so called 20 total roster count is inaccurate. Do not be fooled.

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Relientk772121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )

Good I still want to know who is left on the roster though

Spyro, Crash, Cloud, Snake, Dart (Legend of Dragoon), Toan, Sora, Gabe Logan, Lara Croft, Abe (Oddworld) ?

Pushing for more PS1 characters

subtenko2121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )

Yep, just a little 'damage control' before his twitter comment fools the innocent fans who haven't kept up as much as the more crazed ones xD It may be too late though reading the IGN comments D:

I'm pretty sure Crash is going to be unlockable since someone like Crash "Would never be DLC" and they have the Crash games on PSN too and the avatars. Characters to accommodate stages: Chimera, Emmett Graves

More likely characters: Kat, Cloud (or another Square Enix rep). Thats just a few of the many.

@tiffac, why not alternate costumes? If they are not already in the game as alternate costumes than I think DLC could fix that since they are the same character just different skins right? (For Dante)

tiffac0082121d ago

If they have Kat from Gravity Rush then I'm so totally sold.

It would be cool to have the original Dante and Solid Snake in their as unlockables too.

tiffac0082121d ago

That could work but I was going for original Dante vs new Dante with both having a different moves to really show the difference between them or something like that anyway. (I can only dream. lol!)

Complete new Dante storyline to unlock original Dante. Wouldn't that be fascinating XD

majiebeast2121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )

Didnt Seth Killian tease a playstation 1 character at the giant bomb live show.

Sony's PR staff got fired for a reason.

The PR for this game alone has been just bad from the start how the guys that got fired kept their job for so long blows my mind. Lets recap
-Youtube tagging incident
-Facebook leak
-Website leak

Now this Sid Shuman who is not part of Superbot saying that this is the final roster on fucking twitter of all places is just beyond retarted. If Sony fired him aswell who can blame them. he/they should have let Omar or Seth announce if this is the final roster count and on the blog not twitter.

Im still buying the game even if this is the final roster cause its just a good game even with only 5 characters in the beta.

Godchild10202121d ago

I played the Kiosk build at my GameStop and I knew the game was addicting. I wanted it before I even played it, but after playing It just felt right (fun and addicting). I spent a good amount of time just trying to use everyone's Level 1,2 & 3 supers, play on each level with each character.

The kiosk demo didn't have many characters (4) or stages (2), but I did enjoy it. Got a few rounds in with other live players (customers). The demo gave a real prospective of what the full can will be like. Maybe it was just me, but the players didn't feel loose; They didn't go flying around as much and the characters felt like they had some weight.

If this is the final roster with others to be unlock-able or DLC, I wouldn't mind. I'm sure there will be a season pass or something to hint that there will be DLC other than the preorder character skins. I hope they patch the game to have LBP,LBP2 and LBPV costumes for Sackboy.

TronEOL2121d ago

Yeah, I'm pretty sure this is the case. Since at the beginning they said they didn't want to do unlockable characters, or anything really. But after they nabbed up that guy that I can't remember the name of from Capcom, it all started to change.

Just recently they said there will be TONS of unlocks, and tons to do in the game. So I'm assuming they rethought out their game plan. Which would also explain them changing their mind on announcing ALL of the characters.

They know that part of the fun, when it comes to fighting games, is unlocking secret characters, new outfits, and other things of that sort. It gives you the sense of progression. Rather than just having everything instantly, and knowing that's all you get.

But I won't get my hopes up over what the unlockable content is, I just won't be surprised by it either if it ends up being there.

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