Could Silent Hill be on its way to a comeback?

Silent Hill looked all but dead in the past few years, but it could be on its way to a comeback of epic proportions. takes a look at the situation.

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Vinc3602118d ago

I hope so... I really freaking hope so. SH being developed by Hideo Kojima would be amazing.

RivetCityGhoul2118d ago (Edited 2118d ago )

personally a game like that doesn't really fit his character of sorts. what silent hill needs is team silent. Akira Yamaoka said he would come back if konami asked and im sure the rest would too. silent hill is coming up on its 15th anniversary soon and it would be perfect to bring them back for old times sake. it would be sorta like project sora, bring a collective group of people to create 1 game. because right now silent hill is on its last leg.

jc485732118d ago

He said that he's a scaredy cat.

Redrum0592117d ago (Edited 2117d ago )

Even though fixed camera angles may be frowned upon by much this gen, I do miss it a lot and found it to be a big factor that added much horror and a bit claustrophobia to the survival horror ganre. If there's anyone who has the talent to bring back the fixed camera angles from the past and implement it into modern gaming design it would be kojima.

jeeves862117d ago

As awesome as it would be for Team Silent to make a triumphant return, people need to realize that it's just not going to happen. They've moved on with their lives, are focusing on different projects, and they don't want to come back, or they would have done it already.

Besides, even if they did come back and make a game, that's not an automatic guarantee that it will be any good. Some people hold Silent Hill games to an almost unattainable standard. And I like the older titles just as much as the next fan.

knowyourstuff2117d ago

Kojima already said he wouldn't develop it, he would just lend the technology of the Fox Engine. He isn't a horror game afficionado, and he's way too busy with his own projects.

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Knight_Crawler2118d ago

I do not care about the games anymore but Silent Hill 2 The Movie is my most anticipated movie of the decade.

First time where the game is actually sh!t but the movie is great.

Hellsvacancy2118d ago

I personally think the movie looks dreadful, ill watch it, I like John Snow so ill watch just for him

It does look pretty bad though

Blacktric2117d ago Show
GrahamGolden2117d ago

"but Silent Hill 2 The Movie is my most anticipated movie of the decade. "

Just stop.........

Blacktric2118d ago

"Now, while Resident Evil has changed its formula quite a bit over the years, the games remained extremely well made and gripping for the most part."

Stopped reading after this...

DOMination-2117d ago

No. They've been saying this for years. Every new game has apparently 'gone back to it's roots' and 'returned the series to it's former glory'

Reminds me of how every year Pro Evo supposedly 'has a brand new engine'. Funny how that's another Konami title.

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NeXXXuS2117d ago

I looked at your response and then at your avatar. I lol'd XD

Vinc3602118d ago

Did you read the article? Kojima developing a SH game with MGS Ground Zeroes' engine and high production values would definitely put it on the map.

RivetCityGhoul2118d ago

Kojima never said he was making a Silent Hill game. he said he has expressed interest. stop spreading misinformation.

SlavisH22118d ago

silent hill on fox engine + next gen= :)

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