Balls of steel: 3D Realms crowdfunding new game

It amazes me the 3D Realms did not dissolve as a result of the fiasco that was Duke Nukem Forever's development process. At the very least one might think that they would want to rebrand themselves and put as much distance between their company and Duke Nukem Forever as possible. Maybe start going by Apogee again?

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claud31880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

I wonder what it could be and when

Reverent1879d ago

That game... was horrible..

rezzah1879d ago

Yea, it's hard to believe that i actually beat it on hard mode. Basically putting myself through tougher gameplay even though it all sucked.

TheMutator1879d ago

meeeh Duke Nukem Forever is not that bad , still better than CoD

Saturne31878d ago

people are still talking about this because it was mediocre or because some actually liked it?

i enjoyed it in some areas but it lacked any sense of refinement when it comes down to gameplay and some other things. Gearbox is aware of this and i have hopes for the future of this franchise.