PS2 vs. Xbox – A Decade Later

The Sony PlayStation 2 won the battle back in the day but what about today? Truth is that the past doesn’t matter and these consoles have evolved.

The Microsoft Xbox might have lost the battle back then but today it’s a mighty contender, and here's why.

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DialgaMarine2180d ago

In terms of power: Xbox

In terms of EVERYTHING else: PS2

Picnic2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

But it was partly that lack of power that meant that Outrun 2 was an Xbox exclusive (or so Sega claimed at the time- but the PS2 later got Outrun 2: Coast to coast as well as the Xbox). The Xbox also got Jet Set Radio Future which might have been closer to the speed of the Dreamcast game, if that, if it had appeared on the PS2. And as JSRF is one of my favourite games of all time then Sega's support of the Xbox was partly crucial to them securing my sale in a way that power alone wouldn't have. Ironically, Sega chose not to see it as the Xbox feeding off the Dreamcast's demise. But only, surely, the Dreamcast's demise would have persuaded Microsoft to enter the console race at all. So if you support Sega but don't like the idea of someone only having space in the market because of Sega's troubles at the time, then you'd be better off buying a PS3 or Wii than an Xbox360 - and let's get another Jet Set Radio installment made- but only on the PS3 where it might sell to an arguably generally more discerning audience to use a stereotype (but stereotypes can make sales).

yewles12180d ago

Really? You're gonna' tout modding on OGXBOX to play emulated games and add in M/Kb over the PS2 when you can do the same to THAT console too? -_-

hennessey862180d ago

to xbox just after Gran Turismo 4 came out and never regreted it

bubblebeam2180d ago

Hahaha, I actaully never got an Xbox. I played the heck out of my brothers though, pretty much 99% just on Halo CE.

My first Xbox was the Halo 3 limited edition in 2008 or 2009. Since then I have bought a tonne of origianl Xbox games, so could experience what I missed out on last gen. It really did have some fantastic games.

While I still preferred my PS2, once I had experienced Halo, every other FPS felt cheap n nasty.

A7XEric2180d ago

PS2 was always quantity over quality. The only thing the Xbox was short on was JRPGs and quality platformers. It slayed at everything else.

2180d ago
Picnic2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

The Xbox was short on traditional 'gothic' survival horror. It had Doom 3, which looks nice as a corridor shooter, or it had pseudo ghost photographing Japanese games but it didn't have the likes of Haunting Ground as the PS2 does or Eternal Darkness or the Resident Evil remake as the Gamecube does.

Information Minister2180d ago

The PS2 had quantity *AND* quality.

Your long term memory is just a little rusty.

smashcrashbash2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

Yes very rusty. The PS2 had many quality games. Anyone saying they had quantity over quality obviously never had a PlayStation system in their lives. Many of the series we play now with so much gusto started on the PlayStation.Tekken, Soul Edge, GTA, DMC,Kingdom Hearts for starters.Also I love how the author is trying to pretend that the past doesn't matter. No one would be saying that if the Xbox had won over the PS2. In fact we would never have heard the end of it. But because the PS2 kicked the Gamecube and the Xbox's butt you always see people coming saying 'the past doesn't matter'.

StrawHatPatriot2180d ago

Ah, back when Sony just didn't care that much about having the most powerful hardware (the Xbox had better graphics, the Gamecube had better graphics, and proof is RE:4).

The PS1 was weaker than the saturn and N64 (the graphics only looked good because of prerendered backgrounds for some games).

Yet Sony destroyed in both gens. Now they're last.

SantistaUSA2179d ago

PS2 was better specs wise, Sega Saturn couldn't handle 3d games as well as PS2 and was lot harder to program, so it lost a lot of 3rd party support! Just do a little research and you will see, google is your friend ;-)

StrawHatPatriot2179d ago

Yo, type in "Saturn Shenmue".

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