Grand Theft Auto IV Hype Ramping Up

GTA IV will be out in a few months, April 29 to be exact, and the Marketing blitz is starting to ramp up! RockStar games have updated the GTA IV site today found here (you might need to clear your cache if you been to the site recently and still see the old site), making it very interactive with loads of never before seen content. You will find Information, News, Screenshots, Videos and Downloads where you can even find this cool little widget that could be added to any website, and coming soon Multiplayer and Music.

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thisguywithhair3540d ago

They sure seem to be hyping the special stuff you get only on the XBox. Doesn't seem worth it though when you actually think about. Imagine driving full speed down the Main St. when all of a sudden your system overheats and suddenly it's auto-shut down city for me!

DarkSniiper3540d ago

rather have a broke down Xbox 360 with all the better games and better versions knowing it will get repaired under the 3 year warranty then not like the PS3. Soon the RROD will be in the past and the Xbox 360 will be rock solid with all of Sony's Exclusives under its belt.


eLiNeS3540d ago

There's no other way to play the full game otherwise.

Evil Zhuk3540d ago

the full game is also on the ps3. The extra content for 360 is meraly a few missions.

eLiNeS3540d ago

Technically the Xbox 360 and the PofS3 are getting the FULL game but wait, what is this? Two episodic downloads exclusive only on the Xbox 360. We Xbox 360 owners have a choice now, does the PofS3 have the choice to purchase these two extra episodes making the Xbox 360 version the ultimate experience? NO!!!

The episodes might sux but then again, they might rock our socks off, and PofS3 owners won't have a choice, well sorry, they will have a choice, they have a choice to buy a Xbox 360 with the most AAA games of this gen on it and then be able to download the two extra episodes making the Xbox 360 version the ultimate experience and fulfilling there dreams.


thisguywithhair3540d ago

I guess you will enjoy all the play time you get while waiting for it to be repaired.

Evil Zhuk3540d ago

There is content for ps3 as well

Dualshick 3 will enable rumble

ps3 will soon get achievements as well.

So those things dont give 360 an advantage.

3540d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.