New Xbox Live MyAchievements Program a Ruse?

Argus9: "You may have heard recently that Microsoft updated its Xbox Live Rewards program to offer gamers discounts on content from the XBox Live Marketplace. It's a nice idea, but in my opinion, a complete ruse on Microsoft's part."

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claud32186d ago

Lies as I said and a joke

Argus92186d ago

Yeah, I saw your comment in the report about the program. I don't see why they couldn't make it, you know, worth it for the consumer to be a member. As it stands, it's at best a "yeah, sure, why not" program. At worst, it's a money scheme.

darthv722186d ago (Edited 2186d ago )

by using bing for web searches as well as answering a few questions a month. It doesnt take much but I get MS points in return.

I do the same with earning nintendo coins on rating different games I play. If this is what these companies do in return for my part worries.

edit: "You must have and maintain an eligible Xbox LIVE Gold membership and the applicable Gamerscore for the appropriate tier by the first of every month in order to be eligible."

That is an interesting bullet point. Especially considering that the gamerscore never goes down.

"And here is where the ruse lies: in order to get that kind of a GamerScore, somebody is going to have to play a lot of games, and therefore, buy a lot of games."

Since when is playing lots of games a BAD thing? Im pretty sure many use rental services or swap games with friends and can get their score up without having to "buy a lot of games".

TekoIie2186d ago (Edited 2186d ago )

Why are we complaining exactly? Isnt this just an added bonus? 2% is near worthless but i would rather save that measly 2% on whatever I get the opportunity I can than simply pay full price.

TekoIie2186d ago

Thought i would also add something. The problem the article attempts to bring up is kind of well... desperate. Heres the quote from the TOS:

"** You must have and maintain an eligible Xbox LIVE Gold membership and the applicable Gamerscore for the appropriate tier by the first of every month in order to be eligible. Limit:Up to 30,000 Microsoft Points can be earned per account for the entire Offer Period."

I dont find anything wrong with that tbh. All it says is that you need an XBL account (duh), gold membership (from the beginning of a month to take advantage of this) and the appropriate amount of achievements and that only 30,000 MS points can be earned in total...

If your spending enough money to get 30,000 MS points back then i envy the size of your wallet.

Simple math 30,000 MS points = $500 based off prices on Xbox website which means i think you would have to spend a total of $50,000 to get that $500.

Argus92186d ago

Thanks for your interest Pekolie. Let me elaborate a bit on what I meant by that: I felt the fine print was a bit ambiguous. To me it sounded like it wouldn't start counting your GamerScore until you signed up for the rewards program, after which it would start tracking any GamerScore you earn from there on. It wasn't until I checked the heading at the top of the page before I realized it would count it retroactively. Confusing fine print, what else is new?

ALLWRONG2186d ago

Only people complaining here are Playstation fanboys. If Sony had done it first they would all be saying how great it is.

claud32186d ago

Its all smokes and mirrors mate. And never believe when money is involved

iamnsuperman2186d ago

I do not think people are going to "fall for this" because it isn't like offering you 10% which seems a lot but it is offering you a maximum of 2% which seems (and is in a way) extremely small. Now the birthday gift might entise people until you read the finer print. But then again how may people really read them

NYC_Gamer2186d ago

MS is full of crap with this reward non sense

ChunkyLover532186d ago

Well this is N4G, unless its Sony giving people things, its a bad thing!

Seriously though, I think this is a nice little option, especially for those of use that play a lot of games. I also complete the survey each month and do Bing searches and get about 400-500 MS Points a week that way. I guess that's been a ruse too /S

Shadonic2186d ago

Its a nice option but its SO late in the game. I remember reading an article about them possibly doing this when achivments were first introduced and now they implament this during the whole next gen fiasco. They could possibly be test running the idea.

ChunkyLover532186d ago

Whats wrong with testing something for next gen? Achievements will carry over, so will this. Its only an option. Microsoft has actually done some really nice things, especially this year. I've gotten 3 or 4 free games from them, free MS Points via surveys and Bing searches. Its helped me get The Walking Dead games for nothing.

They have had Avatar Awards in games for years now, there is really a ton of content. I don't see how anyone could complain about this, or any positive news.

darthv722186d ago

"Its a nice option but its SO late in the game" If you are referring to timing of such an offer. Its not late at all. The live marketplace is being made available to not only the 360 but pc and mobile devices as well.

The points you earn can be used for any marketplace content not just 360.

Now if your comment is relating to the 360 then again it isnt late. The next platform is almost upon us and this is something they are putting in place now to be a solid piece of the live service as the next generation of windows/phones/consoles come out.

You must not have been an original live member? To have seen where it started to where it is and understand the growth in between. If you were, my apologies.

Argus92186d ago

@Chunky: My article refers to the new MyAchievements program specifically. I'm glad the original rewards program was started, because I feel that's a legitimate benefit to Microsoft's customers. But come on. 2% discounts and a gift worth 20 cents on your birthday? I mean why even bother? You can be neutral about that at best. That's like if you boss told you, "You've worked here for 5 years, so I'm going to add an extra $1.20 to your paychecks every month." I mean, thanks? But really, what does that do?

Why would Microsoft go through the effort to think up a new rewards system that barely benefits the customer if not to hope for some return for it?

jetlian2186d ago (Edited 2186d ago )

if its 2 percent including everything thats not a bad deal if your a big spender.with forza 50 dollar season pass cod 50 dollars, bf etc. And whoever else its not hard to spend over 1-2 hundread a year.

And ms has random months were they give 5 percent back(feb 2012) so if it adds 2 percent its not that bad moreso because you dont have to do anything.

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ALLWRONG2186d ago

Well said ChunkyLover53. Sony didn't think of it first, and I think that's what pisses them off. As soon as Sony copies it they will all say how innovative it is.

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