Sony Releases New App—On The Xbox 360

The new app is from Sony Pictures, and will give you access to content from the major Hollywood studio.

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claud31975d ago

Well there you go.. need I say more :)

CerebralAssassin1975d ago

Lets all point and laugh at the tools poor attempt to be cool.

SilentNegotiator1975d ago

Since you didn't make a point at all....yes, consider saying more.

lodossrage1975d ago

That's just the way Microsoft owned Skype is available on the Playstation Vita.

iamnsuperman1975d ago

Also isn't crackle on the 360 and that is owned by Sony

Emilio_Estevez1975d ago

Let us not forget all the Sony computers with Windows on them as well.

Reverent1974d ago

Agreed. I think the presidents of both companies are having secret affairs with each other but they have to keep their companies looking like rivals to keep suspicion down, but every now and then, something slips, and these apps show up for their respective rival's devices as a by-product. Lol.

truewittness1974d ago

that's totally different:
Sony put the app on Xbox LIVE.
Microsoft didn't put Windows on Sony's computers. Sony paid Microsoft to license the use of Windows on their computers.

claud31975d ago

So two work together to compete with one another..... Odd :)

lodossrage1975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

It's been like that for longer than most people realize. But it's going to get blown out of proportion (like most things are) and made out to seem like more ( or less) than it really is

RivetCityGhoul1975d ago

sony onced worked with nintendo, microsoft onced worked with sega. while at the same time competing with each other this is nothing new

TekoIie1975d ago

Nah this isnt trolling. Its more like lacking a brain that thinks properly...

TheColbertinator1975d ago

Sony and Microsoft work together more in the industry than most can ever imagine.Sony Pictures,SonyBMG,Sony Aniplex and dozens of other Sony owned media companies including Crackle all sell on Xbox Live marketplace and Zune store.

Windows OS is found on Sony's VAIO,Sony Ericsson phones and Skype runs on the PSP and Vita,not to mention tons of other Sony devices.Sony VAIO also allows the Windows name to sell in Asian markets including Japan and South Korea.

Reverent1974d ago

Just goes to show that people can work together more harmoniously than fanboys would like to believe.

Trevonn1975d ago

You people use the 'Windows is on Sony's laptops' like they have a choice and Windows doesn't have a complete monopoly in terms of operating systems. Any hardware manufacturer of desktop and laptop computers is forced to use Windows and Windows alone.

dark-hollow1975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

The point is Sony and ms will cooperate if it made sense in business. Just like how apple still get iPhone parts from Samsung even though they are direct competitors.

that's why obnoxious fanboys aren't CEOs (not talking about you)

MySwordIsHeavenly1975d ago

I wonder how Samsung feels about that now...

They seem to be going for the throat with those S III commercials.

deletingthis346753341974d ago

Apple begs to differ, oh and Sony has a business relationship with MS. Skype has an app available for the PSVita. Just saying.

Trevonn1973d ago

And apples market share in desktops and laptops is what?
Also how many applications are windows only espiicially in the gaming area.

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The story is too old to be commented.