Halo 4: Campaign Gameplay [SPOILERS]

Be very careful. This video shows a large segment of gameplay from Halo 4's campaign. Goes without saying, but you should NOT watch this if you want to avoid spoilers.

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FanboyPunisher2060d ago (Edited 2060d ago )

How does Irish even say this? Looks identical to ODST, REACH and even similar to 3. Its the same engine with added lighting effects that bloom and fog layers.

Looks minorly improved but still sub par IMO.
Halo is and never will be a graphics king, we never enjoyed halo because of its graphics anyway.

I'm unimpressed by this SP actually, I will not be buying Halo 4.

TCG is right though, [email protected]
You can tell hes been a Xbox gamer for far too long.

EliteGameKnight2060d ago

You shouldn't always judge a game on graphics, especially from Youtube. considering since allot of fantastic games have what some would consider terrible graphics. It really shouldn't be your reason for buying the game as it could, or it might not, be one of the greatest games of the year.

I mean no disrespect, as I am sharing my view on the topic

Allsystemgamer2060d ago (Edited 2060d ago )

Aaaaand that's proof your blind or just ignorant. It looks immensely better an is in actual 720p not 640. The textures are sharper, the models are higher poly, there more particles, the lighting and shaders are better. Your just blinded by halo hate.

Walker2060d ago

The environment looks a lot like God of War 3 !

Shaman2060d ago

Hehe I thought the same thing. The rocks are very "God Of Warish". Maybe its because there are couple ex Santa Monica and Naughty Dog artists at 343i now :)

robavila952060d ago

Before I see it, I need to ask. Are there MAJOR spoilers, or just details?

TotalSynthesisX2060d ago

Nah, no major spoilers. It doesn't even really tell what's going on. Something about disabling a comm relay, but that's it.

Gameplay spoilers, yes. Story spoilers, no.

otherZinc2059d ago (Edited 2059d ago )

No, just game play.

Frank sucked a little on this stage. That's the great thing about Halo, we all can play differently through the campaign. My kids & I are going to kill this stage. Magnificent Stage. I see several ways to attack this stage!

This stage on Heroic or Legendary is going to be absolutely fantastic. And, playing Co-op...Wow, this is going to be Great!

Damn, Can't Wait!

cl19832060d ago

This footage is from Frankies preview yesterday

AO1JMM2060d ago

Awesome! Cannot wait to play the SP. Looks damn good for a game on such old hardware.

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