Pre-order GTA IV on Xbox 360 and Get Free Content?

It seems that Microsoft intends to offer free content from day one exclusively to the Xbox 360 version of GTA IV with pre-orders. Could this give Microsoft the decisive edge in sales for the mega-franchise?

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conjurdevil3759d ago

I mean this could really prove affective in sales for 360!!
ps3 NEEDS to come up with something of their own to counter this otherwise it could destroy their sales.

Anything but Cute3759d ago

Microsoft jumping all over GTA IV, they're gonna try to market like GTA 4 is 360 exclusive.

It's Sony's job to make sure they don't succeed.

ASSASSYN 36o3759d ago

There is no god, no santa clause, no tooth fairy, and no easter bunny. Accept reality.

TheTwelve3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

Funny how the word "rumoured" was mysteriously transformed to "seems" here.


The whole GTAIV exclusive content discussion is interesting, but if I was Sony, I wouldn't get too wrapped up in it. Microsoft needs help in the "exclusive" department in 2008, not Sony. Let Microsoft spend all of their excess money on stuff that PS3 owners will have access to anyway, in the future. With the 2007 sales overall lead and the 2008 momentum, Sony doesn't have to get involved with a money-throwing match with Microsoft, a match in which they would ultimately lose.

Just like the whole 20 minute download thingy, this exclusive content (which is probably a joke) is only a big deal to internet readers and fanboys. For 95% of the people buying consoles, these factors won't make or break their decision to buy a PS3 or 360.


i Shank u3758d ago (Edited 3758d ago )

@ 12 you make some good points man. I think alot depends on how good of a job MS does marketing it, in addition to what the content actually is and what it adds to the game. I'd like to believe MS wouldn't drop $50 mill on a "joke"........ but ya never know. If the content is significant and marketed well, i see it potentially having an impact on new time buyers; but i still cant see PS3 only owners buying a 360 for the game, unless the DLC is something like an HD-remake of vice city. that would rule

power of Green 3758d ago

Sony will be fine they have the Sony machine to counter some of MSFT's marketing somewhat.

Look at the room sizes, why are some of these rooms so big! is more important than content in GTA4.

SUP3R3758d ago (Edited 3758d ago )

Am I the only one that thinks Sony doesn't really care about Microsoft shelling out all this money for GTAIV?
They haven't said anything or given any notion that they are in any way intimidated by Microsoft's actions.
The 2008 PS3 lineup is stellar, and if Microsoft wants to empty .01% of their pockets on a multi-platform title then be their guest.
Either way Rockstar makes money, MS makes money, Sony makes money.
With other titles like Killzone 2, Metal Gear Solid 4, Resistance 2, GranTurismo 5, LittleBigPlanet, etc... I don't think Sony has to lift a finger in opposition to Microsoft's GTA marketing extravaganza.
This is only the first GTA title for this generation of gaming.

mikeslemonade3758d ago

This is one game. Whatever MS invested into GTA won't be worth it. As a 360 gamer this is good for you, but it's a waste of money for MS.

Martini3758d ago

The gloves are coming off :)

nickfr3758d ago

how many x360 owners have a hard drive to even download it?
the inconsistency of the x360 configurations is killing their potential success. and with more and more software being pushed through online delivery, the problem is gonna grow.

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Mr_Kuwabara3759d ago

Smart move by MS if they do such a thing. (Still getting it for my PS3 though)

littletad3759d ago

Getting mine for the 360. I must admit I kinda hate this whole "what platform should I get my game on"? It's more frustrating with fanboys boasting which one is the superior.

gta_cb3758d ago

prob get GTA IV for both my PS3 and Xbox 360 :D then i can see for myself which is better and not have biased comparisons by certain websites im not going to mention. also then i can experience what both have to offer online and see if one is particularly lagy etc

LightningPS33759d ago

How they're gonna approach the GTA IV release.

I'm sure they're not gonna allow Microsoft to market the game like it's 360 exclusive.

mighty_douche3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

Free MGS demo with every pre-order?

LBP beta?

Darkiewonder3759d ago

their focus or plan is actually with MGS4. Well, that's what Peter Dille says in the March Issue of EGM.

SUP3R3758d ago

Sony has enough AAA titles this year.
GTAIV will sell on the PS3 no matter what Microsoft does.
But what happens with the 360 after GTAIV?

wageslave3759d ago

Same kind of strategy they employed for Lost Odyssey and BioShock: Pre-orders get free stuff.

Great idea.

zonetrooper53759d ago

If this is true then I'm getting the 360 version rather than the PS3 version.

The Killer3758d ago

because it shows they are desperate and something wrong with the console or the game!! and any way most probably Live wont be working that time because of traffic!