Unity & Wii U: A Golden Gateway For Indie Developers?

"If you‘ve been tuned in to the internet lately, you‘re likely to have heard about Nintendo‘s latest partnership gone public. Only a few days ago, it was announced that Nintendo had recently signed a worldwide licensing agreement with Unity Technologies to bring support for the company‘s multi-platform game engine and development tools on to the Wii U. Now, when it comes to game development, Unity is a pretty well-known name in the business; its engine and tools are quite popular among new and existing indie devs, as well as curious experimenters in addition. Though, it‘s mainly seen used on platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows, Adobe Flash etc., so seeing a direct path for development using Unity come on to the Wii U is quite big news, both for gamers and developers. It‘s the first we‘re hearing of a unique partnership between..."

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Pillsbury12119d ago

NintendoHas a great potential to bring indie game developers and original content. I just hope it doesn't mean we will have a bunch of iterations and sequels of angry birds and shovelware.

cleft52119d ago

If Nintendo opens up the eShop with strong support for indie developers this can easily become one of the main selling features of the WiiU.

wiiulee2118d ago

yes the end of the day....everyone has to realize nintendo is doing everything right for the wiiu....dont hate