All PlayStation All-Stars Fighters Have Been Revealed

IGN - Don’t expect any more new fighters to be announced for launch.

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smashcrashbash2121d ago

Will wait from a official announcement from either Sony themselves or from Superbot. they have said nothing yet. A single tweet isn't solid proof at all.

Nimblest-Assassin2121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )

My disappointment level is over 9000 right now

I was expecting more, since they said over 20... but this disappoints the piss out of me

lociefer2121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )

nooooooo wth we need moaaarr; spyro, crash, tomba, anything !!

jimbobwahey2121d ago

Yup same here, if this is true then that is really disappointing. The fact that they would put in garbage characters like the new Dante, Heihachi and the big daddy just to help advertise new games coming out is shameful.

It's also frustrating because this has the potential to be an utterly amazing game and address frustrations that I have with playing Smash Brothers, but they seem to have just screwed up in the silliest ways.

I just hope that if the game does indeed launch like this, that reviews heavily criticize them for the dumb decisions that they've made, knock down the scores because of it and hopefully Superbot Entertainment will get the message that way, since they seem intent on ignoring the fans.

princejb1342121d ago

Well 21 characters announced so far
I counted cole twice by the way
Good cole and evil cole

Peppino72121d ago

I see downloadable characters incoming for a small fee.

NeXXXuS2121d ago

Needs more Legend of Dragoon.

oli2121d ago

I hate it when fighters include 2 of the same character as seperate characters ( In this case, cole).

crxss2121d ago

all this means is that any extra characters they haven't revealed will be DLC... typical fighting genre move

morganfell2121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )

It doesn't matter how good the title is or how much DLC will follow as there are those that will inevitably use this news to attack the game. Just wait and ...oops, too late.

guitarded772121d ago

"launch lineup" definitely implies DLC characters. I hope there's DLC levels too.

SilentNegotiator2121d ago

Here we go.

>Not as good as SSB. FUD FUD FUD FUD FUD

MaxXAttaxX2121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )

These are not all. No more being announced means we'll find the rest of them out ourselves.

Beastforlifenoob2121d ago

It'll probably be like Little Big planet where a character costs a few dollars... May as well wait for some complete pack or maybe if it's GOTY

Danny Dan2121d ago

Wait... what original fighting has had like 30 characters to play with???

You build a strong foundation, try to balance out the fighters the best way you can, and then you create more and more characters for the following sequels...

Hisiru2121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )

We know they will have Cloud and some other characters at a later date. This is obvious.

blitz06232121d ago

I never knew tweets were recognized as official news

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Carl_Shocker2121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )

Hopefully your right because if this IS true then I'm really disapointed in this game

It had so much potential but the more I hear about new editions and characters that we don't really want it makes me try harder to like it...and for a video game I shouldn't have to do that.

No Optional Health mode (MY BIGGEST CONCERN)
No Snake
No Tomba
No Gabe Logan
No FF character
No Ico character
No Crash
No Spyro
No Resistance character
No Shadow of the Colossus character
New Dante instead of classic Dante
MGS Rising Raiden instead of Snake or MGS2 Raiden
Two Coles when they could of been one (switch between them)
Original voices for Nariko, Jak for example are not present
Two third party characters that seem like they are promoting their future games.

I could go on...

Maybe it's a game which could improve in the sequel, I'm not saying it's going to be crap since we havent played it, I'll still buy it but when people have been asking for this game for years how could they get some things wrong.

Take Crash Bandicoot for exampe...I thought Omar said in an interview that they wouldn't add him as DLC and we should "stay tuned"...if that was it for the characters why didn't he say so instead of getting our hopes up. If I have to pay DLC for Tomba, Old Dante, Snake, a FF character for example then why should I, these things should of been in the game at the start since they were the Number 1 requested things since the very start of us crying out for a game like this.

If this is true...then they lead us on. If people are upset or disapointed then complain, don't sit back and try to look on the good side because remember "You don't get anything if you don't try".

zerocrossing2121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )

I am disappoint...

pacosanchez882121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )

cry more

Tonester9252121d ago

Man it seems like you have the game already and know about all the future DLC content lol

SilentNegotiator2121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )

"No Crash" - Activision owned.
"No Spyro" - Activision owned.
"No Resistance character" - It's a shooter.
"New Dante instead of classic Dante" - It's a publisher/marketing decision.
"MGS Rising Raiden instead of Snake or MGS2 Raiden" - It's a publisher/marketing decision.
"Two Coles when they could of been one (switch between them)" - They have completely different attacks in inFamous....why not in PSAS?

SonyNGP2121d ago


First 2 points are moot since Big Daddy, Heihachi, Dante and Raiden aren't owned by Sony.

Radec is from Killzone, which is a shooter. Another moot point.

SilentNegotiator2121d ago

"First 2 points are moot" - I didn't say "owned by third party", I said "owned by ACTIVISION"

They charge MS for COD being on XBL, for crap's sake. Activision would never be worth renting out characters from.

And we don't need MORE shooter characters. So, no, not a moot point.

aLucidMind2121d ago

Using Super Smash Bros. Melee/Brawl's Zelda as an example; Zelda and Shiek can transform back and forth from one to the other any time in any fight. Both have movesets and tactics that are polar opposites of eachother. This is likely similar, if not precisely what Carl_Shocker was getting at about how Good Cole and Evil Cole should have been the same character.

sonic9892120d ago

carl buddy

the characters complains are reasonable except that cole thing because even in infamous you cant change between them .
the optional health mode is a woooow dunno what to say first try the game as it is with open mind then judge it
i saw many many videos and it looks super fun like that in my opinion

finally wanted to say yeah you are right about not believing this tweet because it is a gaming STUNT

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Cocozero2121d ago

How many bets Cloud/Snake will be $5 DLC. Which won't be surprising since licensing them would be expensive.

Blastoise2121d ago

Where the heck is my playable Chimera :(

TheFallenAngel2121d ago

I know! Resistance Fall of Man sold way more than Heavenly sword and they put nariko in it.

TheGamingArt2121d ago

This. This tweet can't be serious in context

admiralvic2121d ago

I sure hope so, since I speculated this 30 days ago and got several disagrees and people telling me more people would be announced at TGS. Sure it's sad to hear they're done announcing, but I still rather have nothing than a Hot Shot Golfer or something equally worthless.

subtenko2121d ago

Don't fall for it everyone, its a Lie. Same Lie tactic like Jaffe used about Twisted Metal PS3. Nothing wrong with trying to surprise fans with a white lie but comeon..this is just too obvious. :)


admiralvic2121d ago

I don't see why people automatically assume Sony is trying to throw a curve ball, I mean you DO realize they have to market and sell this game right? Even Sony isn't stupid enough to say the roster is full and then announce even more characters down the road. I mean seriously, it comes out in 5 weeks (in Japan), so do you really think huge characters are going to be announced RIGHT before it releases? The article is nothing more than wishful thinking, sure they can be right, but there is a 100% chance you're not going to unlock Crash, Spyro, someone from FF that wasn't announced prior to release.

subtenko2121d ago


The game does NOT release on Nov 8th in Japan....
It's been said that the people who have been keeping up with all the info about this game knows what they are talking about. Which is why many are not believing this guys twitter comment.

I bet some of you even thought the Japan 8th date was true ay? :) It's Q4 Winter for Japan folks

admiralvic2121d ago

I guess I am wrong about the release date (Famitsu misreported), but I stand by the time issue. Just because there are missing spots on a website page or the mention of unlockables, doesn't instantly mean Sony is throwing a curveball. I've played several games where they pulled the same shit. Look at Tekken Tag 2, here is a "complete" roster page However, when you play the game without DLC, the characters before Forest Law and after Alex are blank empty worthless squares. My point being, just because there is space, doesn't mean they're going to be filled with unannounced launch characters. Honestly, I read the fan site and don't see their creditability because they want it to be better. We could all be wrong, but I don't see their guessing game being more elaborate than their actual game.

Dir_en_grey2120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

Whatever they are doing, curveball PR (they did a bad job if that's the case) or lack of characters, it's too late cuz I already canceled my pre-order when I read this.

Lost my $12 off discount from newegg and don't think whatever they have hidden is enough to make me buy this at full price again.

The initial roster for characters is just so bad, I'm not even gonna think about how much they'll try to milk the customers with character DLCs.

Superbot is made up of random people they hired, even if some are from the fighting game community, they aren't professionals that worked on big titles before, and few of them are even Sony fans.

I like Sony games, but not gonna blindly trust and buy Superbot's game just cuz they are associated with Sony. Heck this game doesn't even have half the cast from games that really made the Playstation big. Their lack of effort to negotiate and secure characters in the first place means this project should've never been started in the first place.

Maybe there are some blind sheep fans that will pay full price for this game and get milked dry by DLC characters, but I'm not gonna be one of them. Show me a well deserved game from the start and you can take all the money you want. People will pay if the product is really worth the money, but people will stop buying your stuff if you are just gonna abuse their loyalty.

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Dante1122121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )

Bogus PlayStation All-Stars Roster Size Total Rumor Is False

Oh IGN lol

showtimefolks2121d ago

I would imagine a lot of 3rd party characters that people really want will be sold as DLC. So while my fellow Sony fans will click disagree I will still say it

Wait for a GOTY edition with all the characters,skins and stages plus more.

When it comes to fighting games it's worth waiting IMO otherwise you will want all the stuff and it's ginna cost you double the game price and than some

adorie2121d ago

Capcom seems to have taught Sony a VALUEable lesson.

Monetize nostalgia. >:/
(let's hope not)

konohashin2121d ago

But when a single tweet form IBM that doesnt even say "WiiU has no Watson technology inside and its processor is not related to or based on Watson" the whole world screams WiiU is doomed! It is 2 Wiis duct taped together!!!

Just sayin.

sonic9892120d ago

this is a perfect gaming stunt
i think people have only 2 active brain cells while the rest are probably dead OR they are kids ( no brain developed yet LOL )
buy the game and be surprised with what you unlock or find in the game they must really have that kind of classic gaming feel ( the sense of surprise )
i hate modern gaming things like nearly spoiling everything about the game before the thing is even released
just wait be patient and use that piece of meat god gave to you its called the brain for your information

NOTE : super bot said they have over 20 characters in the game i guess the picture is clear now

Jamzluminati2120d ago

No solid snake? Kinda, no care.

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Sizzon2121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )

That's disappoiting if true, then I'm getting LBP Karting as the PS3 exclusive game of this fall instead of PSABR, then Halo 4, AC 3 and Hitman: Absolution.

ginsunuva2121d ago

Because you can only buy one ps exclusive per fall.

TheGamingShelf2121d ago

Sid Shuman works at Sony Santa Monica, who's helping develop the game, so that's a pretty strong word.

smashcrashbash2121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )

But Superbot themselves said that they still have reveals and never confirmed that this was the final roster. Why tell it to him so he can blurt it out rather then make it official?

@ Nimblest-Assassin. That is why it sounds strange. So much evidence pointed towards 20 plus characters and now a single person, not even officially, claims it is only twenty. It doesn't sound right at all.

@ pedrami91. I know you are upset but you need to stop saying nonsense. There are only four third party charters in the whole game. Four out of sixteen whole characters. Lets not fly off the handle here.

pedrami912121d ago

Im also pissed that Sony didn't dig deeper into their 1st party games.

There were so many other potential chars and stage mashups that could've used:


Dart from Legend of Dragoon


Vib Ribbon

Kula World (no, seriously)

Jaster from Rogue Galaxy

Rollcage stage

Robbit from Jumping Flash

And many many more.

Acquiescence2121d ago

Your list is so good it makes me want to bone you... vigorously. Alundra, Rollcage, Jumping Flash, Vib Ribbon: all obscure but such overwhelmingly awesome games. How come a stranger on N4G gets it, yet the mooks over at SuperBot don't. Instead we get two Coles and Big Daddy.

Cyrisaurus2121d ago

No he doesn't, he works for the PS Blog.

TheGamingShelf2121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )

Whoops, misread Shuhei's statement!

BigStef712121d ago

You got the wrong facts in the article it says hes the "PlayStation Blog senior social media specialist" so he doesn't work at Sony Santa Monica. I believe Superbot would make the announcement of how many total characters and not this guy over his twitter page. I'll believe it when Superbot says so

pedrami912121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )

That friggin' sucks !

No PS1 Crash ?

No PS1 Spyro ?

No Tomba ?

Not even a FF character ?

Sorry but right now this game screams "3rd Party Marketing: The Game"

And i ain't buying that.

Sizzon2121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )

I agree, I mean ehh........they got the new Dante and Raiden from MGR: R. And honestly a Big Daddy isn't the first thing you think of when you hear or talk about playstation, but yes Bioshock is an amazing franchise.

iamnsuperman2121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )

Well I am not sure why you expected Spyro or Crash because Sony doens't own them anymore (and Sony never owned Tomba or FF). It would be up to Square-Enix and Activision if they would be included and there probably isn't a finatial incentive to do so

toxiichollow2121d ago

Sony never owned spyro or crash...

Cyrisaurus2121d ago

You complain about the game being all 3rd party... but you want Crash, Spyro, and FF characters... who are all 3RD PARTY.

RmanX10002121d ago

This obviously means they have DLC planned. Theres no way they couldnt get Snake or ANY FF character.

Smokeeye1232121d ago

Don't worry, I heard there are like 5 Capcom characters but they are all on-disc DLC.