"Why do you scream at your TV?" - Examination of Gaming Etiquette

Pure Sophistry takes a look at the art and culture of gaming- specifically the nuances of avatars as masks-

"Online games have a kind of power that is rarely found in the day to day world; These platforms allow you to be someone else. While more than a few people see this as a massive problem with the internet, I can’t help but think that this is one of the reasons internet forums, MMO’s and any game you can play online are so popular. People crave masks. Using a pseudonym or avatar to represent yourself allows you to do things you’d never be able to in real life, or act in a slightly different way than you’d choose to from day to day."

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PureSophistry2150d ago

Agree Disagree? Or too busy playing games to care?

darthv722150d ago

i dont scream at my tv. I scream at my own incompetence. seeing as it is ME that is controlling the onscreen character.

So therefore it is ME who is to blame when I drive off a cliff in motorstorm or poke my head up from behind cover only to get shot.

It isnt the TV fault. At the least i'd blame the dog for licking my foot while playing.

RememberThe3572150d ago

I have to admit I scream at my tv like a complete idiot. I just get really competitive.

pandehz2150d ago

I dont scream at all.

If I mess up, I just continue playing.
Barely any reaction

bumnut2150d ago

One of my friends must have anger management issues.

He started out screaming at the tv and after a few more fails on ninja gaiden he just flipped! He broke by xbox pad in half!

pandehz2150d ago

My friend has some reaction issues too.

He'd get pissed off if he loses in fifa or fight night n stuff.

So I gave him an idea to throw tissue paper as hard as he can at the tv lol. Dont think theres enough tissue in the house to break the tv

Irishguy952150d ago

Logic and emotions do go well together.

Knight_Crawler2150d ago

"Why do you scream at your TV?"

I do not do it when I am gaming but always do it when I am watching football and the ref makes a bad call against my Patriots.

Agent_00_Revan2150d ago

Because it makes me feel better

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