Turok: Actiontrip Review

Actiontrip writes: "If you're expecting top-notch visuals, Turok will be a letdown. Fair enough, most of the outdoor areas look okay and are filled with a decent amount of objects and foliage. Looking a bit closely though, one tends to notice a range of poorly textured surfaces and general lack of detail that could've brought the game closer to modern-day visual standards.

The multiplayer in Turok, which we thoroughly experienced before the game's release, is another point of Turok which deserves praise. You can enjoy seven maps and a variety of weapons that are on offer. Deathmatch, CTF are included, of course, in addition to online co-op. The bad news is that although gamers may have fun playing any type of multiplayer match they prefer, there's really nothing out of the ordinary to be had here. Even the co-op isn't as fun as was promised initially."

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