Metallic Gold PlayStation 3 Controller Now Available

Jesus: "GameStop is proud to announce a new and exclusive Metallic Gold PlayStation 3 controller. The controller comes with Blue-tooth connectivity, SIXAXIS motion sensing controls and vibration. The price has been set to $54.99 in the US."

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-Mika-1877d ago

It does! Im srry but that color is hideous. I stick with my white controller.

guitarded771877d ago

I like the color... all of them. But I stick with black controllers for all my systems, so my wife doesn't hide them for clashing with the decor :(

Outsider-G1877d ago

Yeah, I seen this last week when I went to GameStop.

secretcode1877d ago

Same... I saw it two weeks ago when I got my last paycheck.

Godchild10201877d ago

I did as well. I ended up pick one up and I like the color a lot. It's not the bright metallic color, it's a little darker.

I collect them, so it was a must buy for me.

Skate-AK1877d ago

I might get one. My digital camo controller is awesome.

hadouken1821877d ago

Gold but no big deal enough to make an article about. Its just another color.

HebrewHammer1877d ago

But the article was written by Jesus...


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The story is too old to be commented.