Assassin’s Creed III – Making Assassin’s Creed III Part II

Alex: "IGN has uploaded the second part of their documentary of Making Assassin’s Creed III. In this video documentary it describes Connor’s ideology, his point of view, how does he fit in the franchise as a new hero. It also describes how the development team created a new Assassin hero, it also reflects Connor’s personality, how does he move regarding the animation and how brutal his combat is."

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imtheman20132186d ago

This little series by IGN is great! I really hope all of these changes revamp this series and bring it back to its former glory(Assassin's Creed 2).

josephayal2186d ago

This little series by IGN is great? Really? MEH! Nothing new

imtheman20132186d ago

I should have said, "New to me."

Shaman2186d ago

Wow this game is going to be a frame rate choke on consoles. Just look at fps that is shown in the last part. "23-26fps" Wow...

Adva2186d ago

Holy crap, it must be true because it was in the video.
That footage must be showing the most recent build of the game or maybe that build is final, right?

Shaman2186d ago

It probably is. Every AC ran a bit wonky, and this one is the biggest and best looking of them. When you have alot of trees and all of them casting shadows, frame rate will suffer, you will see.