Call of Duty Black Ops II seems like more of the same

Call of Duty Black Ops II seems to play and look exactly like every other Call Of Duty title.

Activision has a dedicated fanatical audience and their Call Of Duty titles keep selling, so best not to mess with something that works.

So is the fact that the game is always the same really a bad thing?

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pat_11_52065d ago

Sadly, I'll probably still buy the game. Zombies is just way too much fun.

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jimbobwahey2064d ago (Edited 2064d ago )

All sequels are more of the same anyways, why single out COD for it?

People will moan and whine about the latest COD, and then happily put down cash for the latest Assassins Creed/Halo/Battlefield/Mario/U ncharted/Need For Speed/Madden as if it's somehow different. Do any of these people stand by their convictions and solely purchase new IPs? Of course not, but they'll be first to point fingers as to how COD fans are mindless sheep, and the irony will be completely lost on them as they go buy the 5th game in some other franchise instead, as if it's not exactly the same.

Blastoise2064d ago

Well said bubble for you.

Here's a link of a good article I read earlier about Black ops 2

Obviously the core gameplay will remain the same, but It seems Treyarch are making some big changes.

SnotyTheRocket2064d ago

Have you seen Assassin's Creed 3? Yeah, it's different.

Grap2064d ago

More like New Engine+new Ai.New animation..mmmm. what else Cod sequels couldn't delivered

HaMM4R2063d ago

Am am bewildered at how people can deny that it is pretty much the same. There is no point in comparing it to bf, yeah, there were some almost exact bf games, eg bf2 and bf2142, but the later games are almost completely different from one another, take the BC series, in the same series, same engine, yet the games were both completely different. Halo, well maybe you could say halo 3 and odst are the same, but other than that, none of the halo games are all very different. The reason COD gets called out for it is because IT IS PRETTY MUCH THE SAME UNLIKE OTHER SEQUELS WHICH HAVE VERY VERY NOTICEABLE DIFFERENCES!

PurpHerbison2063d ago

The thing that gets under my skin with COD is the sheer amount of money they are bringing in. They should have the money to really do something special, but they don't.

rpd1232063d ago

Except that AC, Halo, Uncharted, and Need 4 Speed all make changes from game to game. I'm not gonna defend Battlefield, Mario, or Madden as they are exactly how you describe them. The leap from AC to AC2 was massive. Same for Revelations to AC3 and even Halo 3 to Reach to Halo4 is also huge. If you've played any of the games you mentioned, then you'd realize they make way more changes than CoD ever does.

Razputin2063d ago

I couldn't agree with you less.

For the simple fact that CoD next gen is in its what? 6th incarnation with BO2 it has not changed at all.

I am not a fan of Halo but that series has changed a lot. From Halo 1 to Halo 2 it changed a lot. The graphics were improved tremendously, the game play mechanics, the party system, the clan system, etc a lot changed. From Halo 3 to Halo Reach a lot also changed.

Assassin's Creed 1 in my opinion was cool but the game play and extras sucked. On the other hand AC2, Brotherhood, and Revelations are some of my favorite games. They added a ton of stuff to do, the cities/maps were increased and improved upon in every aspect.

Battlefield has changed, some might say for the better or worst, but it changed a lot. With the new map packs, I am left with my jaw dropped with some of these maps, not only by the graphics, but by the sheer scale of them.

Need for Speed and Madden and Mario will always be there because people want those games. But NfS has been changed like what 20 times in the past 10 years.

Mario is the same stuff over again. Literally its almost the same, some games are just remade with better graphics or a new gimmick. I don't own a Wii and don't plan to buy anything Nintendo ever.

Uncharted played 1 and 2, went to PCs shortly after.

For you to sit there and say other franchises haven't changed is complete BS, because they know they had to because of CoD.

I give props to CoD because I do enjoy them a lot, but it gets really boring running around like a zombie on crack shooting people and getting kill streaks.

CoD is still great, I'm not saying it should or has to change because as even the article states if ain't broke, don't fix it. But it is so stale already.

ninjabake2063d ago

Difference is CoD comes out annually and not many other non-sports franchises have done that, even if their respective sequels are more of the same. Heck, NBA Live has had less annual releases this Gen than CoD LOL.

PS. I'm NOT a CoD hater. I have fun playing the games, I just don't run out and buy every single game when they release and I'm more of a Halo Guy when it comes to FPS but I still dab on CoD from time to time so no hatred here, just being real.

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Cam9772064d ago

Just buy map packs for WAW/BO.
Money saved.

CerebralAssassin2064d ago

Care to explain how black ops 2 is the exact same as WaW and BO to the point that map packs for older games is the same as a new game??? Because they are all FPS??? Hell why even bother with call of duty at all?? All it is, is a reskined goldeneye with new maps. Yes... Lets all do that...

Argus92065d ago

Is the same thing again really bad? Yes and no. It's nice to have a tried-and-true formula, but I still think big gaming companies need to take a few more risks. They've got the capital to do it, but they'd rather play it safe. And why not? We still buy these games.

Still, if anything, Black Ops 2 is going to be awesome on the Wii U. I started off hating BO2 when I saw it showed off at E3, but after seeing it on the Wii U, I actually want to get it, simply for the fact that it's going to: a) Look great on it, and b) Have local play on the game pads. No more split screen!

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OneAboveAll2064d ago

Just now realizing this? The series hasn't changed in a long time... -_____-

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