Open World Gaming

Open world gaming has come along way since its origins in the late Eighties. Now we have such technological games and worlds to explore that gamers can lose themselves for days at a time if they are not careful. A lot of new Massively-Multiplayer Online games now have warnings that display when you first start to play them, to not forget the important things around you and to take breaks occasionally. People get so immersed into these worlds that they become an alternate-reality for some and developers are trying to keep people from completely losing themselves.

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claud32269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

Open world gaming is excellence, if its done right and with the right story

ATi_Elite2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

1. I'm mad that they didn't include STALKER series or Eve Online as examples cause that is some fine open world Gaming right there.

2. The "New idea" in Open World Gaming is to just create a world, give gamers some tools, and let the Gamers decide how things should be.

Example: Eve Online and DayZ are two open world games that are VERY VERY much Gamer driven.

No plot No story No ending but just an ever expanding Game World with constant new tool additions that allow Gamers to decide how things should be.

inMotionGaming2267d ago

@ATi_Elite, thanks for your input. We always value our reader’s opinion, and appreciate it when they can add more value to our content.

So I invite you to share your own thoughts on Open World Gaming and the games you think should be mentioned, in the comments at the end of the article.

We look forward to seeing you over there...

Argus92269d ago

Open world gaming is an awesome genre and it's really engaging these days. I'm still playing Skyrim despite the fact I've easily sunk hundreds of hours into it.

As for the warnings they "have" to place in the game, I think it's total B.S. Does McDonalds print "don't forget to eat a salad once in a while" on their Big Mac cartons? No, they give you the caloric information and expect you to do the math. If a player gets so sucked into a game they forget to take care of their real-life commitments, it's their fault, not the developer's, though Fox News will wildly assert that it is.

claud32269d ago

Open world should mean, open action and you control it. So less if no warnings, gives us are own thinking only

Sucitta2268d ago

"and developers are trying to keep people from completely losing themselves"

so they are holding back on immersion to keep us safe?

That's a ridiculous statement.

deletingthis346753342268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

A lot of games I like this generation are open world. Too many mediocre 8-hour linear shooters flooding the market that hold your hand through the toughest parts of the story, with a tacked on multiplayer that nobody plays past the first week of its launch. If I want to play something like that I would play one of the 8291 Call of Duty games out there. Every time an open world game is announced it typically has me interested. Losing yourself in a open world is fun, and fun is lacking in a lot of games this generation. Too many games are trying to copy Call of Duty it is sickening.

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