Black Ops 2 A 10th Prestige Level 100? EuroGamer 2012 Expo Review

So since EuroGamer Expo, we are left with a conundrum still. Opinion: Will BlackOps 2 be a Prestige 10, 15 or 20. It certainly was not revealed at EuroGamer Expo. The most we, as site reps, got out of that, was the game is typically good, which we now always expect from Treyarch, you get the poster and if you win you get the T-shirt, which we have all of. Don't be calling us out here. We came 1st and 2nd in both matches we played. GGUK Clan Involved...

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R8342063d ago

... Black Ops 2 has already been confirmed to have 10 Prestiges, with 55 levels in each Prestige.

Acadius2063d ago

He's right. I remember seeing a video interview with David Vonderhaar (game director for BO2) and he said 10 Prestiges with 55 levels. I think he also said that once you reach tenth it will take far longer to max it out or something. I also read recently that leveling up takes effort. Treyarch is trying to slow down those players who attempt to reach tenth prestige in the first two weeks to a month. You know those kind of 'players'.

GaminGuys2063d ago

Thanks for the info guys, must have missed that. Sweet.