The five most-downloaded PS Plus Instant Game Collection titles, and other PSN

GamesBeat: It’s difficult to get concrete data out of Sony. The publisher rarely shares specific numbers, so we jumped when Sony public relations reached out to share some insight into the company’s online service PlayStation Network and the subscription-based PlayStation Plus.

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SybaRat2120d ago

Gotham City Imposters? Really? PS Plus members need to spend money on improving their own taste in games.

HammadTheBeast2120d ago

It's actually not bad, although I haven't bought it, the beta was basically CoD plus much more for less than a fraction of the cost.

tiffac0082120d ago

Its really hard to complain when its just part of the list of free stuff ^^

JadedXGamer2120d ago Show
GhostHero3332120d ago

hope fully some good games are free for the ps vita and im not talking about superstardust and some other digital content. I want little big planet and gravity rush some good games.

raiden-492120d ago

You're hopes are to high then. Its sad to say they will not be on it for quite a while for that to come out but after a year or two I bet it will come out to promote the sequel so all you have to do is wait for the good stuff to appear that is what i had to do when I started my subscription with ps+.

DivineAssault 2120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

I love you haters.. dont worry, once u earn 25k achievement points, u get a whole 2% off your next purchase lol.. & no GhostHero333, dont expect the #1 1st party games to be the free titles on vita.. That would be like ps3 getting Last of Us & PS All stars.. Some ppl really expect full handouts smh.. How bout an extra vita, ps3 super slim, & hell, a 3d tv while your at it..

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