PS3 Super Slim unboxing - GamesRadar and PlayStation The Official Magazine look at the new PS3

GamesRadar - Sony sent us a shiny, new, super slim PlayStation 3, so we did what we always do when we get new things: Set up a camera and ripped the box apart. Check out GamesRadar and PlayStation The Official Magazine's unboxing of the new PS3 redesign.

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faysal2120d ago

dude seriously.. if you gonna do a unboxing get a dam knife to cut the tape. it makes you look stupid when u rip things off.

Grap2120d ago

The Bad.the ugly.the Hottest.
who said anything about PS3?

Lazyeye792120d ago

I want to know what Sony did to the internals to make this smaller and the power/heat difference from the slim.