PlayStation 3D TV Cheaper Than Ever

Argus9: "Either Sony’s trying to get more gamers into 3D TV technology, or we’re just not buying it; either way, Sony is sticking to their guns, and Best Buy is offering their 3D TV bundle at the lowest price it’s ever been."

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dazzrazz2239d ago

BestBuy is simply trying get rid of the stock since nobody is buying this sh*t

Argus92239d ago

I'd say it's a bit of this and a bit of that. 3D gaming is cool from what I've seen, but it's still a bit rough around the edges. This is really for early-adopters or those who love having the latest tech.

Grap2239d ago

i still don't see 3D as Future.

darthv722239d ago

because 3D is not the future. It's the past that they have just been improving on till the present.

The future would be something like holography.

guitarded772239d ago (Edited 2239d ago )

I may have to buy me a second one. Love my 24" 3D display. I use it as a computer monitor, and it's in my game cabinet (See pic). I just need more space. I just built the cabinet last week, so I'll have to put the 2nd monitor elsewhere.

guitarded772239d ago

Well... I just did it. Ordered a second. This price is just too good. My wife is gonna kick me in the nuts.

Autodidactdystopia2239d ago

I dont think it will ever NOT be cheaper than ever.

it makes sense that it will always be cheaper than ever. if it goes up in price then ill be suprised

Biggest2239d ago

I just picked one up as well. Can't pass up such a good deal.


My only grip with it is the size. I want a 3D TV but for my living room and would love a big one at a discount... Oh well, I'm getting a 3D TV with passive shutters later this year anyway.

My cousin recently got one and I gotta say I'm impressed, it's actually as good as active shutters in detail, less dark and much cheaper (specially with the glasses, as I gotta pick up at least 4), the only downside I got was the view range a bit more restrict. Also it apparently don't cause as much headaches or sickness as active shutters (not that I personally suffered any in either system).

guitarded772239d ago

@ bishop-br

I can certainly understand wanting a bigger TV. I have a 42", 40", 32" and now 2x 24". I still have a PS3 and XBOX in the living room hooked to the 42"... great space for motion gaming and gaming with friends. I have my main game rig in my bedroom, where I used to use a 32" display. I thought I'd stick with the 32" display and use the 24" as a computer monitor, but the more I played on the 24", the more I liked it, and now it's where I prefer to play. I feel like I can see everything that is going on better on the 24" display, and my KDR reflects it. I can't say it would have the same results for you, but I like the display enough to buy a second, so that's saying something.

Argus92239d ago

@Bishop-Br: Yeah, it's definitely not a living room TV. As most have said, it's great for a small bedroom / PC monitor setup. It's just barely larger than my PC monitor, at 22".

pixelsword2239d ago

Cheap 3d Tv; yeah, I'll get that just because it's cheap, a HDTV, and it also does 3D.

AAACE52238d ago (Edited 2238d ago )

When you can do it without glasses it will sell. Look at 3ds.

Btw... if im correct its a monitor not a tv.

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metsgaming2239d ago

instead of lowering the price here is a bright idea how about put it where all the other tvs and monitors are instead of putting it in gaming isle ! Seriously someone somewhere should be fired for that decision. Of course its not going to sell no one is going to go to the gaming isle to look for a tv they go where the tv department is.

Argus92239d ago (Edited 2239d ago )

I agree with you, but at the same time you could see this as a PS3 accessory, not just a TV. People wouldn't get much use out of Motorstorm Apocalypse if they didn't have a PS3, and I'm not sure how the 3D glasses, or the TV, work in absence of a PS3. Also, SimulView would be wasted on someone who doesn't own a PS3. Plus, the TV doesn't come with a remote. It's definitely a more niche item. Without a PS3, this is just a cheaper, smaller 3D TV.

darthv722239d ago

it doesnt matter what dept these are in. I have seen them in the tv and gaming and yet nobody checks them out.

Now in other stores with 3d TV's, the glasses are usually broken. Places like costco and wal-mart just dont have the staff to watch over such things. So when people walk up and se they cant experience the effect, they keep on walking.

Blankman852239d ago

It's not a TV though, it's a monitor. You cannot watch tv on this and so putting alongside regular tv's will confuse people and you'll have alot of airy customers.

MariaHelFutura2239d ago

You can watch TV through it it just has to be through the HDMI cable. As a personal gaming TV, this TV is top notch. I would strongly recommend getting one. The only downside is the reflection off the screen in sunlight.

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zeddy2239d ago

i already have a 32 1080p samsung, even though its old i dont want ot downgrade to 24.

SilentNegotiator2239d ago (Edited 2239d ago )

Cool story, bro.

No one said you should buy a 24 inch TV to replace a 32 inch TV.

kneon2239d ago

That was always the main problem with this display, it had to be at least 32" to have wider appeal. No one I know who plays console games uses anything smaller that 42".

irepbtown2238d ago

I have a 37'' 1080p 200hz LG, which is in the living room. Play PS3 there however this would be great in my bedroom. It would be great for any bedroom to be honest.

Knight_Crawler2239d ago

Worst piece of [email protected] in the not buy it unless your wiping your a$$ with money.

kneon2239d ago

That's just stupid, money is far too rough, instead I use the money to buy hand knitted alpaca wool toilet "paper" :)

wastedcells2231d ago

Don't listen to the trolls this is a great deal.

xtremeimport2239d ago

I got it for $250 with another game. Never was as cheap in canada as they say on that website.

Insomnia_842239d ago

Sony - PULSE Wireless Stereo Headset — Elite Edition $149.00


PlayStation 3D Display Bundle $169.00


Spenok2239d ago

I disagree. I know several people who have bought it, myself included, I think Sony/BestBuy is just trying to create more demand. It is a nice piece of Tech to have when you have a 3D game with couch co-op and a friend over (which I often do).

I honestly just wish it was a bit bigger.

MariaHelFutura2239d ago

I just bought it for 179.99 for the TV, glasses, MS:A and a HDMI cable. It`s an amazing amazing personal TV, the only downside is the reflection off of the screen in sunlight.

Biggest2239d ago

I just got it from Best Buy for $159.99 + $19.99 for the two year agreement. From what I read in reviews the warranty is a must. Some of the screens are borderline lemons out of the box.

solar2238d ago

dazzrazz is correct. 3D TV's dont translate well to the living room like they do on a gigantic movie screen. i dont like 3d in any format, i think its another gimmick to push to consumers to buy crap they dont need

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mi_titan272239d ago (Edited 2239d ago )

i recommend this 3D Display to anyone who can use it as a PC monitor and for a second PS3! i got one recently and its a fantastic display!

GhostHero3332239d ago

I might but it and just use it as a small hdtv in my room. lol

DivineAssault 2239d ago (Edited 2239d ago )

if i lived in a dorm room, id get it but that little thing is useless for my living room.. My vita has a bigger screen than that.. Maybe a PS3 super slim, this, & uncharted 3 combo for my desk.. i just dont see myself playing anything beyond 30 mins on something that small.. Wait, can i still use netflix & hulu on my ps3 with this? Its a silly question but u never know, sometimes theres funny catches to things like this..

LOL_WUT2239d ago

Your Vita has a bigger screen then that? I don't even...

DivineAssault 2238d ago

sarcasm man.. Sarcasm.. That screen is just too damn small.. I have a 47 in & just cant see myself sitting all close to the tv in order to read tx or anything else for that matter... It would be cool for a desk but not a living area

brettyd2239d ago

hmmmm i was thinking about buying a new monitor and i just bought a Sony 3D tv but it didn't come with glasses. This kills 2 birds with one stone!

tubers2239d ago

I suggest searching for more reviews and learning about "cross talk" and the limitation of the display (if it can be used as a 3D monitor for the PC too).

Then decide.

Goodluck with whatever your choice is!

May you have no regrets!

brettyd2239d ago

I'm not going to be using it for a PC, just console gaming at my desk.