The Top 25 Must-Play Downloadable Games of This Generation | It could be argued that this gen belongs to the indie developer. So many of the games released on networks such as Steam, the PlayStation Network, and XBLA have innovative conventions that have not only inspired elements of other games, but have found an important place for themselves in gaming history. In an effort to pay them their proper respects, join me as I take a look at the top 25 downloadable games of this generation.

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Yi-Long2146d ago

.... and kudos to the website to fit it all on 1 page!

That said, I feel Journey should have been on there as well :)

AztecFalcon2146d ago

I'd exchange Joe Danger for Journey. I agree with the Top 10, though.

PrimeLantern2146d ago

Ohh Shadow Complex. I gotta go replay that now. Really good stuff.

cmurdurr2146d ago

You know what? I completely spaced Journey. Shame on me. I'm editing that one in. Thanks!