Are fans to blamed for BioWare's Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk resignations? We think not

DSOGaming writes: "All in all, there is a reason why fans bashed Dragon Age 2, Mass Effect 3 and SW: TOR. You can’t simply charge for a product and expect everyone to love it, when that product is flawed and has major issues. BioWare could redeem itself with the Extended Cut of ME3, however it did not. So how can you expect fans to suck it up and change their minds when you’re not addressing those issues that were pointed out? Are fans to be blamed for not answering your game’s questions or your writers? Are fans to be blamed for not putting a proper end to Shepard’s story or your publisher? Are fans to be blamed for milking the franchise with DLCs? Well, we think not."

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wallis1970d ago

I agree. If they did resign because of that then that's a shame but honestly? Bioware was pretty badly shot by EA and has been bleeding out for some time. Guess the ol' gal just finally kicked it.

Xof1970d ago

What? Why would anyone blame the fans? This is typical EA behavior.

They buy out a developer, pressure said developer to do things EA's way, which results in bad, poorly made, rushed games. Which in turn leads to bad sales. Which then gives EA an excuse the basically disintegrate the original development team, getting rid of the original talent, and then float around the developer "label" to other, cheaper dev teams hoping to wring out just a bit more profit by trading of the brand-recognition of the dev team they destroyed.

Greg and Ray leaving Bioware was inevitable the moment EA bought them out. Anyone who didn't see this coming years ago is a fantastic doofus.

Roper3161970d ago

I feel the so called fans did the same by their crying & whining over a ending of a game and basically forcing them to make a new ending for it. I mean come on grow up people it's a game. I would rather walk away then to deal with so called fans like that who showed absolutely no respect for what THEIR vision of the ending was.

So I truely believe those so called cry baby fans are just as much to blame as the evil empire known as EA.

Agent_00_Revan1970d ago

People complained because the whole point of the series was to make all these big decisions and it would have am impact based in the way you played, but in the end, it didn't matter. Each of the endings was the same. There was no reward or no penalty for being good or bad. They LIED and disregarded what they promised and everything you did up to the ending.

Irishguy951970d ago

Bioware had no respect for their fans when they decided to make that ending. Never mind some of them spouting BS on your choices. Compare the witcher 2's choice's to Mass effects. You choices mean **** all over the whole 3 games. Which Bioware shouldn't have lied about imo. I don't even care that the choices where abysmal but I just don't want them to lie about it. I also cannot believe Bioware still have the meat to call Mass effect a role playing game

Warj1970d ago

If their vision was genuine certainly, they have that right. However, the overall feeling I got from it was more a matter that they lacked the time to implement your choices. They rushed the game out instead of giving it another year to fully flush out the game so that it DID take into account your choices. Even if the ending turned into something similar, no one could argue that it robbed them of everything the series was built upon.

Agent_00_Revan1970d ago

With a much as they talked about 'your choices' and how they would effect everything, I expected, at least, 6 Very Different endings. Possibly more. It was really supposed to be the focal point. Everything you did led up to that final moment. How would it end? What did your choices mean for the universe? Could you even save it?

THAT is what it was supposed to be. Not the same ending with 3 different colors. THAT is what pissed everyone off. And why people are still pissed off. It took, what, 5 years to complete the trilogy? At around 30 hours or more Per game. That's a big investment and build up. Only to have it all end with some convoluted ending that didn't make sense and where your choices didn't matter.

I love the series, and I want to replay them again in the near future. But every time I think about it, all I can think about is the shitty ending and how it makes me feel that the time I spent on the games is pointless.

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Soldierone1970d ago

In a way it is "blaming the fans" but at the same time, its not blame. The fans said "we are sick of rushed crap from your publisher" so what did they do? They left the publisher. Now hopefully they will make a game on their own that the fans will enjoy.

It's a learning experience that everyone is learning. DONT LET A GREEDY PUBLISHER BUY YOU. Notice how companies are kind of staying away from them now? "Yeah sure we will make you a game, but we keep all rights to it"

Kisama1970d ago

Don't want people to call your game shit?
Don't make shitty games.

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