Lost Odyssey: 1Up Video Preview

1UP share their thoughts on Mistwalker's "Lost Odyssey" for the XBOX360.

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DarkSniper3724d ago

This is funny. Xbox slaves have laid claim to Mistwalker being the savior or successor to Square Enix. When it's nothing more than a branch off of has been's who have since lost their touch since Final Fantasy.

Lost Odyssey is a prime example of this. Last-Gen graphics and piss-poor gameplay combined with the architecture of XBOX 360 and it's easy to see why this game is trash.

Microsoft Slavegirls are offended deeply by Dark Sniper's words. He will enjoy the much superior Final Fantasy XIII upon release rather than playing Lost Fraudyssey.


mullet3724d ago

Lost Fraudyssey LMFAO!!!!!!

chrno63724d ago

Seems that they are not too impressed with the game. Well, they did praise the game a little toward the end.

Hentai3724d ago

LO have a good story? Lmao.


Sounds like you don't like RPGs.


I like it. I'm going to buy it when it comes out.

abcd3724d ago

I don't care about reviews.
I will buy the game.

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