Sillent Hill Book of Memories launch trailer

Konami just released a launch trailer for the Vita version of one of its spookiest franchises. Now gamers can go mobile with the lovely characters of Silent Hill: Book of Memories.

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ritsuka6662116d ago

I love the pathetic "please look forward to it" at the end. He knows it sucks, and that it's untrue to Silent Hill, he just doesn't care.

sinncross2116d ago

the demo was pretty fun tbqh

MGRogue20172115d ago (Edited 2115d ago )

I found the demo quite enjoyable despite some of it's shortcomings. I've got it pre-ordered.

However, it does have it's bad points which this post below from an anonymous user points out:

"The game is absolute trash. The environments are abysmal (they're meant to look horrifying but since this game isn't scary they just look ugly).

The combat is absurdly bland - forget innovative gameplay, this isn't interesting gameplay. There's nothing knew and all you is mash the square button until everything falls down. The game is also stuck on babysitting difficulty. As an exercise I walked over a spike trap 4 TIMES and found it hadn't even taken 1/4 of my health bar.

The character customization is woeful and somehow looks like fashion that even hipsters would reject.

The level design is bland, uninspired and dull. All they did was make a few square rooms and put a terrible shade of brown over them.

And my personal favorite moment was when Valtiel shows up and pretty much says 'good job killing all those monsters here's a mace bro.' A TRUE SILENT HILL EXPERIENCE.

Unless this is some sort of silent hill for game designers in which case it's disturbingly fitting."

His comments are harsh but they're kind of true tbh.. maybe the demo isn't quite representative of the final retail game.. so we'll have to wait for it's release before we really "sh*t" all over it tbh, every game deserves a chance. (except for blatant shovelware)

SwiftArsonist2115d ago

we need a true silent hill not a over the top view game. this isnt psp

CaptCalvin2115d ago

Funny thing is the PSP's got a silent hill game with traditional silent hill gameplay.

SwiftArsonist2111d ago

exactly and with less tech. so i dont know why Konami allowed this to happen.