Borderlands 2 Konami Code and “Extra Wubs,” More Playable Characters To Be Available In The Future?

MP1st - Hints of extra characters to come and more Borderlands 2 easter eggs found.

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NukaCola1996d ago

I got to say, I wish I got this day one, because ever damn thing is getting spoiled in these stupid article headers.

KidBroSweets21994d ago

What exactly did the title of this article spoil for you?

CrimsonessCross1995d ago

I acutally didn't know about the konami code bit...that's amazing O_o

sucks it doesn't actually do a thing but regardless, quite a nifty little secret easter egg. I would have never thought about doing something like that!

Sephris1995d ago

Gamestop gives you the Mechromancer just for having pre-ordered it. Of course there are going to be other characters.

josephayal1995d ago

BETTER AND BETTER i Think Borderlands is the Next COD-$