PSN Sales Up Last Quarter, PS Plus Membership Nearly Doubled During E3 Week

Joystiq- PlayStation Network has been hitting its stride over the last three months, posting its highest "transactional sales" quarter yet in its six years of existence. In layman's terms that means more people purchased content directly through PSN from April through June of this year than ever before in the service's history.

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NovusTerminus2152d ago

Yeah... I was one of those PS+ members... Don't regret getting it either, now the Vita is gonna get free games as well in November.

Really enjoying what it adds.

Yi-Long2152d ago (Edited 2152d ago )

... it's a great deal that's truly worth the money.

Sony did very well. :)

FunAndGun2152d ago

Have had Plus since the beginning and don't intend to cancel anytime soon. The program has come a long way and it does seem they are always trying to improve it.

I could totally see how some people would be upset with the offerings sometimes however. Like if they already own the games or there is nothing they are interested in for a particular month. Over the course of a full membership though, it easily pays for itself with content.

guitarded772152d ago

I've been PS+ since day one too, and don't plan on canceling either. I even add games I may already have on disc to my download list in case there is ever a situation where another piece of hardware can play the downloaded copy, but not the physical disc (ex. PS4 or next gen handheld). As long as PS+ is around, I'll be a member.

wishingW3L2152d ago

I hope this motivates them to keep the online aspect free for next gen too. I don't want PSN to become like XBL where you are forced to pay for gold even to use netflix.

tiffac0082152d ago

I just became a member myself (doing 1 month trial right now) I have to say those free full games really made my day.

KwietStorm2152d ago

So are you a member or do you have a trial

Qrphe2152d ago

He's a member on trial but will be a complete member once s/he decides that it's worth it.

tiffac0082152d ago

Yup what Qrphe said. The only thing that is giving me a hard time is my stup!d internet. It feels like ages downloading those full games T_T

Net speed: 1 MBPS (But only gets 100KBPS when downloading) - gets disconnected when it rains hard. :(

The only positive I have is, I don't have any limit downloading stuff ^^ Then again my speed is already limited >.>

Gridloc2152d ago (Edited 2152d ago )

Very good value for the money. Haters say your only renting the games. Just like Xbox live your really only renting the multiplayer part of the game. MS just rolled out their reward program for achievements. 2% back on purchases. WOW such a deal. Most responses I've read, we'll its better than If MS let silver users play multiplayer for free, paid subscriptions would decline to an all time low.

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The story is too old to be commented.