Microsoft boosts Xbox HQ security as company gears up for next console

Microsoft has been officially silent about plans for a successor to its Xbox 360 video-game console, but here’s a telltale sign that things are ramping up behind-the-scenes: The company is boosting security to an unprecedented level in the area of the Redmond campus that is home to the Xbox team

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NoFanboyRequired2122d ago

Good. Please release it next year! I want 1080p nao!!!

Trenta272122d ago

Screw 1080p! I want some 4K!

Kidding by the way =P

decrypt2122d ago

You wont get 1080p noa :P

MS and Sony dont feel you are ready for it yet.

ChunkyLover532122d ago

Well it makes sense to boost security, you want to actually surprise people, and you don't want to tip your hand before the biggest exclusive of the year comes out (Halo 4).

I suspect Microsoft will host its own event before E3, probably in April, and they'll announce the Xbox 720, we'll get full demo's and games on the stage at E3 though.

Really looking forward to some new Microsoft hardware.

Knight_Crawler2122d ago (Edited 2122d ago )

Just thinkning about the next gen makes me happy.

I think the tech behind the 360 and PS3 have long passed there experation date and need to be replaced would have not been so bad if MS and Sony had planned ahead a gave each console more RAM but after 6 years both the PS3 and 360 are shwoing there age.

Locksus2122d ago (Edited 2122d ago )

I hope MS has some surprises for us next gen because for the last few years I've been disappointed in them. They haven't released a single new exclusive IP in the last few years. They started strong this generation by releasing Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, Tales of Vesperia and so on.

Nowadays the only games they have are Gears, Fable, Halo and Forza. Don't get me wrong, those are great games (Except for Fable 3) but it's getting pretty stale.

If those are the only franchises they have next gen, I don't think the next Xbox is for me. I'm a gamer by heart and I think they've forgotten the reason why many people bought a 360 or any console. It was for the games not some media streaming apps and a few relevant franchises.

Knight_Crawler2122d ago

Have to agree with you. MS started off strong with games and at some point games became 2nd priorty and entertaniment became 1st.

MS got me hooked with Gears of War but next gen they have to have a solid lounch line up and I am not talking about 3rd party DLC or time exclusive, I am talking about new ip's that are not shooters - if they can not show me the games and show that they will continue to push them then Sony has my money.

Note: I will be getting both a PS4 and 720 but launch consoles are usually expensive so can only afford one for the moment.

Good call on Lost Odyssey, best dam RPG I have played this gen...real shame that MS only cared about sales and not the quality of the product becuase I would by LO2 in heart beat - does MS own the LO ip or does MistWalker own it?

tokugawa2122d ago

what happens if all the "new exclusive ips" they release are turds though??

does being an "exclusive new ip" equal instant greatness?

because not every "exclusive new ip" i have played on my other consoles have been good. some downright rubbish...

Locksus2122d ago

I'm pretty sure MS does own the rights. If someones knows better, correct me if I'm wrong. Yeah I agree with you. I WANT to buy the next Xbox but only if MS gives me a reason to. Lost Odyssey IS the best RPG released this generation and it's damn shame it's not a start of a new franchise.

But I'm fairly optimistic as MS has opened several new studios in the last few years and not much has been heard as to what they're developing atm. I hope to see many new IPs next gen.

Locksus2122d ago


Sure, you're right. It does not always mean they're good but wouldn't you rather have a large library of games rather than play the same 3 game every year?

ChunkyLover532122d ago

Well you have to remember that this generation ended up being longer than any other generation in the history of gaming. I think both Microsoft and Nintendo believe in strong launch lineups and that would be the ideal time to launch new IP's.

I always hear people complain about lack of new IP's, but when they are released, nobody buys them. Yet they buy up Gears, Halo, Forza, Fable ect...

So you cant really complain if your not really buying or supporting those games. I always make sure I buy games like Alan Wake new, support the devs and show Microsoft what I want. If people don't buy these games, how the hell will Microsoft or any other company know what we want in the future?

We know they are hiring for the first ever AAAA title for next gen, they opened 5 new studios in the last two years alone, and Bungie is making a game for the Xbox 360, that should be exclusive for a year, possibly longer.

I personally am a fan of exclusives and new IP's at the start of a generation, give me something new to show me where that hardware is going, both the Xbox and Xbox 360 had stellar launch lineups with plenty of new IP's, so I have no doubt that the Xbox 720 will see similar treatment.

Also, could you imagine if Microsoft didn't use Forza, Halo, Fable or Gears next gen? People will buy an Xbox 720 strictly to play those games on next gen. Its a fine line for sure, but I understand the business side of things.

greenpowerz2122d ago (Edited 2122d ago )

Those games you listed and the reason people buy them and the console they play them on is because the 360 being a multi media hub adds great value to their console purchase.

Those games are popular and sell because they're fun, social and add great replay value far surpassing the asking price most shovelware new IPs offer. MSFT is tactical with the industry uplifting all players.

What good is it to pump out shovelware that costs millions each when gamers can't even keep up with the cost and the number of games.

There is a reason studios are being shut down in this industry(with games being canceled or delayed for years put on backburners)

MSFT strikes a masterful balance with Sony's PS2 strategy from last gen and new exclusive IPs on 360 that keeps them relevant enough to beat Sony.

MSFT's strategy to beat a Playstation console this gen wasn't to compete with 3rd party developers but to allow them to flourish borrowing from what MSFT thought allowed PS2 to dominate.

MSFT said this before the 360 even launched. Chunkylover is right about next gen being filled with 720 exclusives with MSFT now being a major player in the industry

Ben_Grimm2122d ago (Edited 2122d ago )

People seem to not remember the beginning that the 360 had and still has a ton of games. But now that we are nearing the end of the 360's cycle they are ramping down. They are not going to be releasing a ton of games when their focus is already shifting to the new console.

We already have proof posted on job sites that their studios are working on next gen games. The same can be said and is shown for the Wii.

I don't think MS own Mystwalker anymore. But they may still own the LO ip. Time to give it to Level 5. Unless Sony owns Level 5?

nukeitall2122d ago


"Sure, you're right. It does not always mean they're good but wouldn't you rather have a large library of games rather than play the same 3 game every year?"

It doesn't matter if that is what you want to play. The key is "games consumers want to play" and it doesn't matter even if that happens to be the same game every year. I enjoy CoD every freakin year and buy that over many games even exclusives.


I agree! I think it is wise of MS to shift their focus to give the next generation console a real push. A poor release can severely damage a platforms long term prospect.

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shaun mcwayne2122d ago

What if after the halo 4 credits end, Its say's to be continued on xbox 720.

cl19832122d ago

Doubtful that it will say that, but considering that 343 is only working on halo 4 right now and it takes at least 3 years for a game to be developed not to surprising to any of us.

Ben_Grimm2122d ago

I am very excited to see what the next Xbox has instore. I am also excited to see what games come out that take advantage of these new systems. What they can do that they couldn't do this gen.

Very exciting times.

Soldierone2122d ago

I hope its around March or April that the two start announcing their consoles. Let the big media get in there and play with them a bit, then I know where to go "camp" at E3 lol

Skynetone2122d ago

I remember working in a high security building, they had 150 cameras in one room alone, one over every desk. there not monitored but they had a few swivel cameras which are

i worked for a security company, i remember when i first saw a camera which would auto zoom in, auto track you, and then auto find a new target, i was amazed

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