Valve interview: ‘I just told Gabe he was full of sh*t’

Valve has its eye firmly on the future of gaming. VG247′s Dave Cook spoke to Chet Faliszek about where all of this is heading.

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Knight_Crawler2065d ago (Edited 2065d ago )

You should have told him he was full of cake instead.

The fatman has been trolling me with HL Ep3 for too long now and needs to overdose on chocolate cake so someone at Valve can get the courage to release the dam game already.

Trago13372065d ago

What part of "A fat joke a day keeps Half Life 3 away" don't you people understand?! lmao

El_Colombiano2065d ago

Does that mean he's full of lies?

Carl_Shocker2065d ago

I don't think Gabes the's Doug Lombardi whos the problem, he's the one whos held Gabe back from talking about or even announcing HL3

If it wasn't for him we would of had more info on it....

adorie2065d ago

The headline is taken out ofcontext. Chet told Gaben that during his first day of work at Valve because he didn't believe how the company was run.

Heh, I can barely believe it. But Valve seems to be thriving and connecting with us as a community, so... full of HL3 is all I think heis ATM and I want to pop him, so it all comes gushing out!

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majiebeast2065d ago

Chat Faliszek about fan projects

It’s mainly companies protecting their interests and blocking anything that could tarnish the reputation of their products.

Well let’s say that Black Mesa Source turned out horrible. It’s not going to hurt the original Half-Life.

This man gets it wish SE,Capcom and other developers/publisher were as open minded.

Dovahkiin2065d ago (Edited 2065d ago )

Of all the people to say this to, Gabe is not one of them, he seemingly does everything right. It's never all for profit/publicity and I think he genuinely wants gamers to have a positive experience, unlike EA's ethic.

I can imagine being confused at how the company actually works well, too. Wish I was lucky enough to have a job at Valve.

urwifeminder2065d ago

Gabe goes home and cries in a pile of money before showering in money wiping his ass with money and have a greenback salad and a slice of money cake he is doing ok.

ninjahunter2065d ago


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