Front Towards Gamer Radio’s Wednesday Traffic Chopper 126: Discharge?

In this week’s Front Towards Gamer Radio’s ”Wednesday Traffic Chopper”, Gamergirl and Shanghai Six are joined by Podcast N BS host Travis “TurboBison” Foster to surprisingly talk as little about Borderlands 2 as possible. Strangely enough, Turbo and Shanghai fawn over indie heartthrob roguelike FTL, while all three of them give a little taste of a full staff spoilercast would sound like for Telltale Games’ amazing The Walking Dead series by dancing around spoiler town with Episode 3. In a show full of surprises, the gang skips over the low hanging fruit of the ridiculously bad Wall Street Journal review of Borderlands 2 for This Week in Facepalm and instead spend the time talking about Facebook etiquette and TurboBison learns the value of focus group testing when deciding the name his new hand drawn comic book series he’s working on.

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