Wii U's Darksiders 2 features off-screen play, included DLC

Darksiders 2's Wii U release, which will be out on the console's November 18 launch day, supports the full range of control options.

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AO1JMM2185d ago

Got it on PC launch for dirt cheap thanks to GMG but I am liking this version as well. Oh well....

Hisiru2185d ago

I was going to buy the PC version but then I heard tons of complaints. I am waiting for the reviews about the WiiU version.

Lucretia2185d ago

um yeah......cuz I wanna play my game on a tiny handheld screen instead of on my Big tv in crisp clean quality with surround sound.

honestly the only usefulness this feature brings iss for the lazy people who want to play the game while they are taking a dump.

i cant think of another reason someone would want to play on that screen

ZeekQuattro2185d ago

Simple. Not everyone lives alone. Many share their television sets so rather then transporting the system to another tv set why not just play on the tablet. Either way no one is forcing you so why complain about having more options.

victoryscreeeeeech2185d ago (Edited 2185d ago )

Its an option not a requirement. And that is a good reason too, considering i take 40 minute dumps. Its nice that ur actually looking into the Wii U console and are finding reasons to buy it.

live2play2185d ago (Edited 2185d ago )

"for the lazy people who want to play the game while they are taking a dump" WHAT DOES THIS EVEN MEAN????!!!! XDDDDDD

yes because lazy people are the only ones who take dumps while sitting on the toilet

nono ATHLETIC people take off their pants, go for a jog, and then just let it rip, leaving a trail of poop on the sidewalk

all this time i was getting mad at dogs for pooping in the sidewalks

but it turns out its athletically fit people doing that

AO1JMM2185d ago

@Lucretia, Your opinion is the lamest I have heard on N4G yet. Congrats!

Rockoman162185d ago

Try to open your mind just a little bit more ;)

beerkeg2184d ago

His mind is empty. Opening it would do no one any good.

stuntman_mike2184d ago


Your getting boring dude, change the record.

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victoryscreeeeeech2185d ago (Edited 2185d ago )

I have others live with me and only one TV, whoooooooo! I thought this was gonna be a feature only barely any game would use. I might just play Just Cuz. I caint think of any other reason, could someone reply me another reason?

DivineAssault 2185d ago

so how much will this version cost? $40 like the others?

live2play2185d ago (Edited 2185d ago )

yup 40 dollars

because thats what it cost on the ps3 when it came out

oh wait

and months from now it will cost 40 dollars too

AND isnt this including extra content?
"Other perks of the Wii U version include built-in DLC, including Argul's Tomb, and the "Death Rides," "Angel of Death & Shadow of Death," and "Deadly Despair" packs, which bestow extra quests, items, armor, and ... horse speed"

did people pay to have these on the other consoles?

DivineAssault 2185d ago (Edited 2185d ago )

months ago too.. So ppl will get pumped to play this cuz u can play on the pad right?

oh wait

Instigator2184d ago

"months ago too.. So ppl will get pumped to play this cuz u can play on the pad right?"

You make it sound like everyone has already played DS2 already, even though the game hasn't even broken one million yet across 130 million consoles and god knows how many PCs. less than 1% of all gamers have played this game, so don't act like there isn't a market for this game on Wii U.

wiiulee2184d ago

you have so many sony and xbox fanboy posting fake articles..but what people need to know is that the wiiu multi platform games will be better then the ones on sony and xbox