It’s Time For A Good TMNT Video Game | Confession time: I’m a bit of a Ninja Turtles fangirl. I own several boxed sets of DVDs, t-shirts, comics, figurines, and may or may not have won an official TMNT fan art contest at one point in my life (give me a break, I was 14).
But despite all the films, television show adaptations, and various gear and collectibles for nerds like myself to spend money on, I’m struck time and time again at the severe lack of presence the Turtles have in the video game space.

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AztecFalcon2188d ago

I'm not liking that new cartoon. Style looks terrible.

nihonlight2188d ago

I think it should be a serious and dark story like the graphic novels.
Not like the kids cartoons.

cmurdurr2188d ago

Totally agree. There's a lot of great lore to pull from, and it needs to be explored in a game.

csreynolds2188d ago

The industry NEEDS a new (good) TMNT game. Rocksteady, we're calling you...