Ninjabread Man 2 is Confirmed

Ninjabread Man: Blades of Fury has been confirmed. Read the full press release for details on gameplay and storyline.

Contributor's Notes: The original Ninjabread Man has the aggregate review scores of 17% at and 20 out of 100 at

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Darkiewonder3662d ago

This is Game of the millenium.

Relcom3662d ago

A sequal to one of the worst games of all time. YES!!!!

Skerj3662d ago

How do they get money to do this!?

Prismo_Fillusion3662d ago

One of the employees had his son crack open his piggy bank.
There were enough nickels to keep this franchise going for years..

Iron Man 23662d ago

Hmmm...I wonder why it's a Wii exclusive?;)

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The story is too old to be commented.