Four games that need to happen on the Wii U

Zachary Lyons:

With the wide variety and high number of games slated for release in the Wii U’s launch window, fans across the board should be satisfied for the new console’s infancy. That said, what kind of titles can we expect for its future? The first shock came from the announcement of Bayonetta 2 being a Wii U exclusive – that pretty much means that anything is possible. As such, here are a few games I would love to see come to Nintendo’s new baby.

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Moonman2182d ago

Great article. These are the types of WiiU articles I enjoy. Let's talk games man. I'd buy all of those. I would like to add some Metroid discussion. Now obviously Samus is coming to WiiU but in what form? Metroid Prime 4 or another start of a first/third person action trilogy? Badass if so.

Dreaming: But what about also a spiritual sequel to Super Metroid? I'm talking 2.5D side scrolling gigantic huge map areas and tons of upgrades (old and new) with epic bosses. A fan can dream....

What do you guys want like the writer asked? What do you think Retro is making? E3 2013 can't arrive fast enough. lol

chadboban2182d ago

F-Zero and Starfox. These games made from the ground up for the Wii U will be amazing!

Godmars2902182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

I hope they stay away from the UE3. Let 3rd party devs use multiplatform engines for their multiplatform titles while you show them how to really use your machine.

Warj2182d ago

Great ideas, would love to see some more 3d pokemon games like stadium along with snap.

Summons752182d ago

I thought Platinum Games is already working on a star fox game or were talking with nintendo about one.

Also since a proper fatal frame will never be on the PS3 like they should, a FF for WiiU could be interesting with the controller properly used.

wastedcells2181d ago

Ya platinum said they were interested in starfox but haven't heard anything since.

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