Dishonored Has Gone "Gold," Bethesda Doing a Giveaway to Commemorate It

Arkane Studios' Dishonored is finally ready to be manufactured! To commemorate the occasion, Bethesda will be giving away a mask and a copy of the game to one lucky fan.

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Walker2181d ago

Game of the Year is coming !

JANF2181d ago

I dont know about game of the year but it could be a heavy contender.

Chuk52181d ago

So much potential.

Could also go totally wrong.

Time will tell.

Jason_Tanner2181d ago

I completely agree, don't ever believe the hype, especially these days in gaming. Anyway, I've had this reserved for almost a year now and will just be waiting to see the reviews before I decide to pick it up or not.

Laxman2181d ago

If you dont like to believe the hype "these days", you most certainly shouldnt base your decision to buy a game or not based on what other people think.

Jason_Tanner2177d ago

@ Laxman

Point taken and you're right about that, especially considering how many reviews are bought and paid for the publishers of the games. However I do like user reviews for that reason. Although a rental will completely remove all doubt.

nihonlight2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

Just like skyrim was GOTY......
Bethesda loves to Inflate their own egos.
Time will tell.

Chuk52181d ago


How do you define that? I mean critically, it was.
Personally, it was to me.

but I digress. what does skyrim even have to do with it? It's PUBLISHED by Beth, not developed.

nihonlight2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

Guilty by association.
Still if it's good I'll buy it USED.
Beth gets no money from me. (Yes publishers get money)

Dovahkiin2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )


Not a good way to think, IMO.

zgoldenlionz2181d ago

Well all the problems with the ps3 version were critically absent from most reviews.

But I do agree skyrim has no reason to be brought up when talking about dishonored.

wallis2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

You're kidding me right? Yeah let's punish the developers because of who bought them.

"Hey honey, you know how I went out a ten years ago and made a games company? And its last game shipped only 10,000 units and since then we've only eaten cereal boxes from the neighbour's garbage? Well earlier I was offered a deal by bethesda, or ZeniMax, an astoundingly well established and financially lucrative company. But I turned it down because they release games filled with bugs. Not steaming piles of shit or anything... just a really good massive open world game with AI paths and life cycles that often break. Rather than an emphasis on polish there's more of an emphasis on content but I told them to go shove it anyway. So when are you divorcing me?"

I mean out of all the publishers to screw I just don't get what the hell would stand out to you about bethesda. Some of my favourite all time games have been buggy. Seriously I freakin' LOVE bugs compared to the shit activision and EA try to get away with. From shutting down servers on two year old games to telling us we can't sue them ever at all and if we so much as look at a trailer of the game we can't sue but it's okay.... they've got our best interests at heart. There are so many dickish things being done today but everyone just wants to stamp on bethesda for not doing a perfect job. A pretty good job just not perfect. It's like walking past a paedophile pissing on the mona lisa so you can slap the woman who burnt the toast on your breakfast in bed.

Edit: actually it's like slapping that woman's daughter. Seriously dark messiah shipped 10,000 units. That's about $40,000 or half the average wage of one games programmer. I'm buying this damn game.

nihonlight2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

You love bugs? Sad when doing a halfassed job is accepable.
I bet you like buying cars that breakdown in a few weeks too.
Or half cooked food because the chef got a michillan star once.

Ron_Danger2181d ago

Troll time!!

By gold they really mean "we've sorted out 75% of bugs and glitches and intend to patch them based on sales"

But seriously, this game looks awesome! I'll probably be picking it up once I'm done beating borderlands 2 with each character

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