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TG writes: We are constantly on the lookout for levels that not only show off creativity, but are also very challenging.

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ftwrthtx1785d ago

Very tricky level, but very fun as well.

TerminalGamer1785d ago

The spinning log is super tricky on the dismount.

ftwrthtx1785d ago

That was the trickiest part for me

Freak of Nature1785d ago (Edited 1785d ago )

Yet another great level, and another example of a game that just keeps on giving....

For more levels, in case you did not know, go here for everything under the LBP's sun...Vita,PS3, LBP carting, everything. They have over 1000 of the best community levels out there for PS3 and PSP, plus the Vita and soon to be LBP carting catalog is there being represented...

ftwrthtx1785d ago

If you have any that you feel are the best of the best, PM me the link and we can highlight it in the future.

TerminalGamer1785d ago

Love me some Ninja Warrior. Nice reproduction.

kc_chang1785d ago

I had trouble at first, but this level delivered.

ftwrthtx1785d ago

Took many tries for me to finish

1785d ago
HiddenMission1775d ago

My kids love the Vita and LBP so I guess it's easy to see I'll be pick it up