PlayStation eyes 'perfect opportunity' to take lead at Christmas

The managing director of PlayStation UK, Fergal Gara, has said the business is set to embark on a "casual audience breakthrough" with both the new PS3 and the JK Rowling-backed Wonderbook project.

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from the beach2118d ago

If the pre-order rates are anything to go by it doesn't look like there'll be a slump for Nintendo between Wii and Wii U, especially with NSMBU launching.

Meanwhile Xbox 360 has a huge lineup for Kinect this winter especially for younger gamers, in competition to Wonderbook, plus Halo 4. Sounds like challenging circumstances for Sony.

SoapShoes2118d ago

^ Nah they have a good lineup of casual kid games this holiday like All Stars, LBP Karting, Wonderbook, Ratchet & Clank, etc. All they have to do is show it off and market it right.

As for Nintendo it looks like they're having stock issues with the Wii U or they simply just didn't make enough on purpose so that can be a big advantage for Sony, getting sells from people who can't get a Wii U. Also the regular Wii has been in a slump for a while allowing the PS3 to surpass it in total sells for a few years now.

Skate-AK2117d ago

How are Ratchet and Clank and PSASBR "casual kids games?"

AznGaara2118d ago

We'll see if it can take the lead, at least in the US, once those black friday deals and the price for when a system only SKU are revealed.

C0MPUT3R2118d ago

It's going to be interesting to see once the old stock sells through. Will Sony introduce the 12GB SKU in North America?

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