Halo will be pivotal for Xbox beyond the 360, says exec

The franchise development director of Halo believes that the iconic game series can continue to be defining game for Xbox beyond the current console.

The Halo series is intrinsically linked with the rise and rise of the Xbox, with the first of the games becoming an iconic title for the original Xbox, the second becoming a massive illustration of why online gaming was central to the console and the glittering launch of the third illustrating just how huge it's successor - the Xbox 360 - had become.

Speaking to TechRadar at a preview event for the game, Frank O'Connor explained that he believed Halo 4 built on that legacy, and that the franchise would continue beyond the current generation.

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darthv722182d ago

Mario has been pivotal beyond the NES and SNES and N64 get the idea.

NukaCola2182d ago

Mario is pivotal, but to be fair as well...MS doesn't really have the amount of characters Nintendo has.

zerocrossing2182d ago

It's MS own fault really, they got the rights to a lot of game franchises during the xbox and early 360 launch and have been sitting on them and letting them rot ever since. Either they don't know what to do with them or they just don't want anyone else getting hold of em...

ChunkyLover532182d ago

Master Chief is the Microsoft mascot, of course it'll be pivotal. Can you imagine what Microsoft would be without that franchise? I don't think anyone (maybe Nintendo) relies on their mascot or a franchise more than Microsoft does with Halo.

People buy Microsoft consoles just for Halo, so obviously it'll be a big part of the Xbox 720 and even beyond that.

Allsystemgamer2182d ago

I buy my Xbox just for halo lol.

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