NPD: Intent-to-buy Blu-ray grows

Consumers are expressing more desire to purchase Blu-ray Disc players following Warner Bros. Entertainment's swing to back that format exclusively, according to the NPD Group. Meanwhile, the research firm reports that interest in HD DVD players is flattening.

Overall, there is weak demand for both BD and HD DVD set-tops. In the first two weeks of January, NPD's surveys show that on average, less than 10% of respondents say they plan to buy a stand-alone player in either format in the next six months. NPD's sample includes about 6,000 regular DVD buyers, starting at age 13.

However, NPD's surveys do show diverging intent for BD and HD DVD. Late last year, the percentage of consumers intending to buy a BD player topped at around 6.3%, but that had risen to 8.1% of consumers by Jan. 16.

HD DVD intent to buy continues to top BD, which has been the case since NPD started reporting high-def hardware results in October. Yet, intent to buy BD is growing, while intent to buy HD is down from the period around Thanksgiving.

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