Take A Look At The Halo 4 Special Edition Xbox

IGN - Close-up video of the new, special edition Halo 4 Xbox 360 console. It's Master Chief approved!

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JadedXGamer2182d ago Show
-DanielBryan-2182d ago

How many more times are we gonna get a look at this? We've seen it,move on.

aviator1892182d ago

If you were already tired of looking at it before, why did you find the need to click on the submission and actually bother to comment?

Dovahkiin2181d ago

I hadn't, don't generalize to such an extent.

KMCROC2182d ago

Can't wait to get my hands on mine, come ON 11/06 /2012

AznGaara2182d ago

This is at $400 and the Super Slim bundle is too pricey?? *sigh*

On a positive note though, it is one of the better themed designs. I give microsoft credit with the willingness to do these kind of designs. All of the really good themed Ps3 consoles are always Japanese exclusives :/

ChunkyLover532182d ago

It has two controllers and Halo 4 bundled with a 320 gig Xbox 360. I think its priced about in line with what these specialty consoles go for.

If Microsoft came out with a super slim Xbox 360 and kept the price the same, then there would be reason to complain, but this is just a special edition console, which should probably cost more, for the content, your getting a good deal.

AznGaara2182d ago

I'm not saying that the Ps3 bundle is better because its cheaper. My comment was meant to point out how people really have no idea what they're talking about when they say the Ps3 super slim bundle is too much.

I agree the new design, extra controller and Halo4 warrant the price point of this 360 but look at the super slim bundle. At $20 more that the Slim 160gb you get 90gb more Uncharted 3 GOTY, one month of Playstaion+ and Dust 514 and people complain about that?

Fat Onion2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

A 320GB 360 is $299.99
Halo 4 is $59.99
Extra Xbox Wireless Controller Is $49.99 (at Walmart).

Total: $409.97

So Microsoft is not even charging for the fact you are getting a limited edition really cool looking console + controllers.

It would be interesting if Microsoft sells as many 360's as Nintendo's Wii U in November.

hazardman2181d ago

This is an awesome looking system, and a great deal if you don't already own one.