Lost Planet 3 may “piss some people off” by ramping up shooter side

Lost Planet 3 is being developed by the Medal of Honor veterans at Spark Unlimited, hence a greater emphasis on western shooter-style gameplay.

Speaking to Gamasutra, project lead Andrew Szymanski said Capcom was ready to turn the series into a proper shooter.

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zeal0us2119d ago

Remind me of how I felt when I played Mass Effect 2.

Locksus2119d ago

Because Mass Effect's combat was so well done. It was by far the weakest link of the first ME. Everything ele is pure gold, though.

rickybadman2119d ago

I think it will piss off people more when they play it and realize it is crap, like most previews are saying

Lucretia2119d ago

im prretty sure Lost planet 1 was crap, and Lostplanet 2 was complete trash.

Im not even freaking sure why they make this junk still.

jimbobwahey2119d ago

Different strokes I guess, but I found LP1 and LP2 to be really enjoyable, particularly the Japanese style movement and shooting mechanics.

I personally think it will lose a lot of it's charm by being a generic Western shooter wearing the Lost Planet skin. Of course, I've no doubt it will bring new people to the series at the same time, but who knows if the trade-off of losing all their old fans is worth it?

I think Capcom is just making some foolish decisions in general though. Great franchises such as Devil Mary Cry and Resident Evil are being ruined by adopting Western stylings, and seeing another good franchise succumb to the same fate is a real shame in my opinion.

camel_toad2119d ago (Edited 2119d ago )

I'm pretty sure anyone even bothering to read this (I even surprised myself) will hate our comments but I agree with you. Lost Planet was a turd that I originally had hopes for and Lost Planet 2 was a sequel to a turd.

Japan was easily the pioneering force behind games for the longest time and I always felt like western games were weak in comparison but I personally think the tables have turned over the past few years.

It's time for Japan to make a worthy comeback.

abzdine2119d ago

LP1 was really crap, but it came in 2006-07 and i bought it on PS3 like everybody else for the graphics that i thought were OK at the time i was still mainly playing PS2.

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IWentBrokeForGaming2119d ago

I had a lot of fun with the 1st game online, but skipped 2 do to hearing nothing but bad things about it... and if what I heard of 2 was any indication, Im definatley skipping 3 as well!

Getowned2119d ago

I like the idea of the lost planet games, Lost Planet has potential but I never liked them.

Lord_Sloth2119d ago

Western Moto implemented via Met-RX. BIGGER! BETTER! STRONGER!!!

I was out when I saw the main character looked like he ate Wayne from LP1.

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